ShugenDo news update 26.07.2009 (Read 10660 times)

Started by SakirSoft, July 26, 2009, 12:01:16 pm
ShugenDo news update 26.07.2009
#1  July 26, 2009, 12:01:16 pm
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I think its time for some news again.
First of all don't worry no snag hit the development. ShugenDo is still in development and heavy things are on the way.
In the next weeks i will release the next bug fixed version of ShugenDo.
After this there will be a update pause because of heavy changes and improvements which will be done to the ShugenDo engine.

In the next weeks you will be informed about them so stay tuned ;)
Btw i want to thank for all your support in this over the time and i think its time to show my appreciate on this.
Today i want to talk about the persons behind ShugenDo. I am not alone and have support from various people here.

Let me begin with nate.
Nate was the man who helped me in the first days of ShugenDo. He is a professional game developer and showed me
how to make things better. He inspirited me a lot and i thank you so much for your support man.

Kratos is a long time fan of ShugenDo he is on board since the beginning and allways supported me. He spread the name of ShugenDo over the world
and helped to get ShugenDo famous in the internet forums. Your job is unpayable for me man. Hope you are still by my site.

tunglashor also a long time supported and the man behind the converters of ShugenDo. Its amazing how fast he create those converters and how good they are.
Thanks to his work i saw alot of mugen stages in ShugenDo. And her eased extraction of the portraits and preview animations.

Ize another long time supported. Gave me good feedback and good ideas for ShugenDo. He was one of the first ShugenDo bug testers and found some annoying bugs.

Jarek is one of the best beta testers i know. His work is amazing and thanks to his work ShugenDo's compatibility increased superb.
If you want to make beta test see his work as a reference. Very professional guy and gives me a good support. We had houers of bug finding and fixing.
His work is the work on an army of beta testers,

Ashen is a good talented graphic artist and did a nice job on some arts. He is also the reason for ShugenDo's 32Bit image support. Some times i can be stubborn.
But his stubbornness for some feature idees helped me to think about those new features and to implement them. I know that some of you had a problem with him
but he is a good person.

DrStrange is a new member of the community and is very active in the support of ShugenDo. You will see his work soon.

Btw when i miss some one post here.

In the next weeks you will get more news updates on the development of ShugenDo.

Here you can find ShugenDo
Re: ShugenDo news update 26.07.2009
#2  July 26, 2009, 10:30:55 pm
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Glad to be of help man, always. :kungfugoi: