A question for about a MUGEN character I'm looking for (Read 240 times)

Started by VGCtm, July 09, 2019, 04:41:00 am
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A question for about a MUGEN character I'm looking for
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May I ask... there is a particular character from a fighting game on the PS1 I would LOVE to have in my Mugen but he's never been made. Is it possible I can share pictures or videos of him in his game and see if we can work on making him a Mugen fighter? I'd do it myself but I'm really not good enough to pull it off myself. I'm just asking because I am not good enough to do this alone.

Just wondered if there's a special project area we could work on him together with other sprite and coders.

This is not a request for someone to do all the work for me. I am looking for someone interested in working with me to get this guy in the MUGEN together. He'd be a great addition to any roster, I'm sure people will love to have him.

The character is Lei-Gong, Thunder God, from the PS1 fighting game called Wu-Tang: Taste the Pain/Shaolin Style. As you can see, I've tried making a sprite but this is no easy task.

If not, I'm sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place or broken a rule. I'm just looking for someone to work with me on this if it's allowed or possible.

Thanks in advance.
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