Mugen 1.1 crashes without error msg for particular character move (Read 339 times)

Started by thepacifist, July 08, 2019, 09:00:06 am
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Mugen 1.1 crashes without error msg for particular character move
#1  July 08, 2019, 09:00:06 am
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My MUGEN 1.1b crashes when I use Hawkeye's (by Nicotinefist and Arkady) Fireworks hyper move (State 3100). It happens consistently the first time I execute the hyper in TEAM simultaneous mode. It eventually happens also in Turns mode and Single player mode (maybe after a few rounds). When I searched for why MUGEN 1.1 crashes without an error code, I noticed someone suggested it was a memory issue and recommended using the NTCore 4GB patch to increase the memory limit (RAM) from 2GB (default for 32bit platform) to 4GB on x64 platforms, allowing the use of heavier memory content. I do have a 64 bit OS (and my laptop specs include 16GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 w/4GB RAM) and this NTCore 4GB patch has worked so far so that MUGEN doesn't crash anymore with Hawkeye.

Still, I'd love to understand what about the character, especially his hypermove, makes the patch necessary since he doesn't have a huge file size compared to other characters. Can anyone help? The code for the hyper is at the end of this post. I also have the log at the end of the post in case that's helpful.

In case it's helpful in figuring this out, I also use ReShade 3.4.1 for the scanline effect (which is why I use MUGEN 1.1). Also, for some weird reason, my laptop won't use the GPU to run MUGEN but the Intel graphics card, though the game still runs fine for the most part (maybe a littler more image tearing than if run by the GPU). I have about 325 characters and 200ish stages in my screenpack (I use XCOTA, MSH, MvC, and DCvM screenpacks - all have the same issue).

One last weird thing I noticed. With Cyclops by Sunboy, when his AI is on and I hit him with Hawkeye's problematic hyper, Cyclops is no longer hitable, though he has his clsn boxes. When this Cyclops is not AI operated, then he is affected normally by Hawkeye's hyper. I wonder if this means there some bug in the hyper that may be more to blame than memory size.

Thanks for helping me figure this out!

You can download the original Hawkeye released character here:
The updated version of Hawkeye I use is here:

Cyclops by Sunboy can be downloaded here:

In case anyone is having the same issue with Mugen 1.1 crashing with no error code, the NTCore 4GB Patch is here (though you might need to have a 64bit setup for this to work):

Code for problematic hyper:
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

Mugen log after a crash without the patch:
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty
Re: Mugen 1.1 crashes without error msg for particular character move
#2  July 18, 2019, 01:29:33 pm
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The helpers and everything the move spawns is the obvious suspect.
There may be a bug where something's getting removed and spawned so many times so fast it just causes a melt down.
Or something could be firing off so many FX. There's a lot of different reasons.

[State 3100, Helper]
type = Helper
trigger1 = animelem = 11
doesn't look for how many helpers it's spawned. Just that it's elem 11. If elem 11 is 20 tics, you could be producing a ton of helpers.
If you have the old set up, you might want to comment out some stuff, and do some manual testing to see what's causing it.
I'd think commenting out all the helpers and working backwards might be the easiest. But Pauses can be a pain to work around.
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Re: Mugen 1.1 crashes without error msg for particular character move
#3  July 18, 2019, 03:49:20 pm
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Check Hawkeye's CLSN boxes as well as the arrow's because this had happened to me so many times in the past where my mugen crashes without error and it turned out my culprit was nothing more than an animation frame in that fighter that has too many CLSN boxes.
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