The legendary karate fighter Sheng Long. (Read 849 times)

Started by RedDragonCats17, July 15, 2019, 07:47:46 pm
The legendary karate fighter Sheng Long.
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I decided to make Sheng Long, the hoax from EGM's April Fool's joke for Street Fighter 2. Sheng Long is going to have a design mixed from his Street Fighter Movie design, and the design from Electronic Gaming Monthly, with a red headband over his eyes, and a black gi with brown gloves. His stance is based on Akuma's SFTM stance, while his walking is based on Ryo's walk. The rest of his animations will all be Street Fighter Alpha.

His special moves will be based on his moves from EGM's articles, like the high-low double Hadouken, the fire-infused Shoryuken, the air Shakunetsu Hadouken, his Tatsumaki and all the basic shoto stuff. He'll have his Denjin Shinryuken as one of his supers. Other moves? Well, idk.

Sheng Long's intro and victory poses will be custom. The first intro I came up will have him sitting on his knees with his hands on his lap. He will stand up and do Akuma's/Evil Ryu's stomp stance. The first victory pose I came up is him bowing, but he has his fist up against his palm.

I want his victory quotes to be very wise proverbs, Uncle Iroh levels of wise, making this guy the wisest among all karate masters. Of course, the quote "You must defeat me in order to stand a chance" will be in the list. I want him to have quotes when he beats Akuma, Gouken, Dan, Ryu, Ken, Sean, and Sakura. Basically, all of the canon shotos in the Street Fighter universe.

This is all I currently got based on my research and my own tweaks, but what do you guys think so far? If you have suggestions for moves and quotes, I'll be happy to look at them.