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Started by KingPepe2010, October 28, 2018, 04:17:27 am
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Character: Kid Niki
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    Kid Niki

    Representative of: Irem
    First Game: Kid Niki (October 2, 1987)
    Progress: 10% (Moveset done, graphics still being worked on)
    Playstyle: Rushdown character with solid pressure tools.

    -Lots of pokes, including a high-priority special attack poke.
    -Fast dashes, decent jump and several moves that advance him forward help him close the distance.
    -Has several evasive moves that allow him to sneak in and punish opponents' mistakes.
    -Solid chip damage with several moves causing multi-hits.

    -If he takes too many hits, he loses his sword which alters his moves, mostly for the worst.
    -Lacks any kind of reliable reversal
    -Low stamina
    -Anti-air options are rather weak and prone to getting stuffed.

    • Slide (Down-Forward + Punch + Kick) - Kid Niki does along slide on the ground. This move lets him slide under high attacks and projectiles and he can slip past the opponent.
    • Wall Catch (Against a wall, Back/Forwards (direction depends on which wall he's at)  + Punch + Kick)) - With the sword, Kid Niki and (if he's not on the ground) slowly slide down it. Once the player lets go of B, he propels himself off the wall while rolling in the air. Kid Niki has invincibility during the initial hop but it wears off as he begins falling. Kid Niki can attack afterwards when he begins falling. Without the sword, he simply jumps off the wall without invincibility but can attack right away.
    • Bouncing Sword (Down + Kick; Air only) - Kid Niki holds his sword down, lands on the ground and then hops forward (although he can hop backwards if you hold Back). Niki regains control as he falls.
    • Rising Palm (Down-Back + Punch) - Two-hit standard basic launcher.
    • Sword Grab (Down + Punch + Kick, No sword-only) - Niki picks up his sword if it's nearby

    • Radical Spin (B, DB, D, DF, F, Punch or Kick (can be done in the air)) - The punch version has Niki spin his sword right in front of him while the kick version has him take a step forward before spinning it, doing more damage (albeit with a longer startup). In the air, the Punch version has Niki spin it in front of him and the kick version spins it below him. Without the sword, he performs punches that only do a single hit and less damage. High-priority poke although neither version if super-cancellable.
    • Wipe Out (D, DF, F, Punch or Kick (repeatable)) - Niki spins his sword around up to 3 times. Standard rekka attack although Niki can cancel the recovery into other special moves. No sword causes Kid Niki to perform several palm attacks with less range and damage.
    • Wicked Flip (D, DB, B, Punch or Kick) - Niki will flip either backwards (Kick) or forwards (Punch) and land on his sword. Upon landing, you can either wait for him to hop again or perform any of these follow-ups:
      • Psyche Slash (Punch) - Niki jumps forward, swings his sword down and throws out a wave projectile while doing so. Slower start-up but is safe and can be followed up on.
      • Psyche Spin (Kick) - Niki spins around on his sword and kicks the opponent with his feet multiple times. Comes out faster but is more unsafe.
      • Psyche Slide (Punch + Kick) - Niki performs his slide.
      The backwards flip has some all-around inviniciblity while the forward flip only has lower body and throw invincibility. Without the sword, Niki only performs the flip and lands without being able to perform any follow-ups.
    • Max Blade (F, D, DF, Punch or Kick) - Niki slides a bit, jumps up, swinging his sword upwards and then spins it above his head. If the opponent gets caught by the initial slash, they get knocked towards Niki to get caught in the sword spinning. Anti-air special although it lacks any invincibility and despite using a sword, it lacks the high priority Radical Spin has. It is useful for juggles however. Without the sword, it's just a single-hit uppercut.

    Super Attacks
    • Gnarly Bell (Level 1) (D, DF, F, D, DF, F, Punch) - Niki summons the bell from the first game that spins around him. Every Punch or Kick press causes the bell to spin around fast and hit the opponent. Kid Niki also gains
      infinite juggles during this. Using another super will remove the bell.
    • Tubular Tackle (Level 1) (Hold D, DB, B, D, DB, B, Kick) - Niki transforms into an elephant and rushes forward, doing several hits. In elephant form, Niki gains super armor albeit there's a long period of recovery when Niki turns back to normal.
    • Dope Hawk (Level 1) (D, DF, F, D, DF, F, Kick) - Niki transforms into a hawk and drills up-forwards, dealing multiple hits to the opponent. Useful as a combo ender for juggles.
    • Grody Monk's Rant (Level 3) (D, DF, F, DF, D, DB, DB Punch + Kick) - Niki shouts GET 'IM and the Mad Monk drops down near the wall behind Kid Niki and begins attacking. The monk himself will bombard the opponent with various speech attacks while Niki can attack the opponent at the same time.

    Death Breath (4 hits):
    • Standing - Death Breath blows air at the opponent. If the opponent gets caught, they get blown away and become stunned. (1/3rd of the helper bar)
    • Crouching - Death Breath jumps in and delivers a headbutt. Knocks the opponent down. (1/3rd of the helper bar)

    Hammerin' Harry (3 hits) :
    • Standing - Hammerin' Harry swings his hammer around. This can also reflect normal projectiles back. (1/3rd of the helper bar)
    • Crouching -  Hammerin' Harry does a ground pound which does no damage but can trip the opponent. (1/3rd of the helper bar)

    Kickle (Kickle Cubicle) (3 hits) :
    • Standing - Kickle breathes an ice projectile. On hit, the opponent becomes frozen for a while. (1/3rd of the helper bar)
    • Crouching - Kickle creates two ice pillars on each side of him that rise up and smack the opponent away. (1/3rd of the helper bar)


    1 - Default
    2 - Kid Niki 2
    3 - Kid Niki 3
    4 - Kickle Cubicle cameo
    5 - Kid Niki 2 Boxart
    6 - Kid Niki 3 Boxart
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    Re: Character: Kid Niki
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    Fantastic KingPepe2010! is Kid Nikki going to be released in the next update?
    Re: Character: Kid Niki
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    Not sure for the next update but if he isn't in by then, he'll be in for the one after that!
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    Re: Character: Kid Niki
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    Oh cool! thanks! :mthumbs: