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Started by mete122, June 20, 2018, 07:48:01 pm
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Edited Characters by Mete122
#1  June 20, 2018, 07:48:01 pm
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  • Pixels are atom's of resolution,Low-res or Hi-res
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Star Platinum by Duracelleur,Shinzankuro Edited by me
What's done

Jotaro Transformation Super Removed
Assist Super Removed
No Lv2 yet
CVS2 Sparks(Was going to use KofXIII,but its huge,wait until I resize it)
KOFXIII Superpause
Cancels(Credits to Buckus and POTS,)
Street Fighter EX Super Cancel(You can cancel into any super you want from Za Warudo,only Za warudo tho)
Omega Ora from Shinzankuro,More like most of cmd and cns from Shinzankuro
Standing,Jumping Parry,No crouching cause sprites didnt allow,unless you help ME
Power Charge
Damage Values Changed
Includes Add004 portrait
Doesnt require to be patched with add004,don't ask how
Sff size decreased
Credits:POTS,Jmorphman,Buckus,Duracelleur,Shinzankuro,Warusaki3,Realra(thanks for Hi-Res tutorial)

What's left
Crouching Strong Punch is no longer launcher
Replace Sparks witrh Kofxiii
Crouching Parry
Goddamn Midnight Bliss for heavens sake people
EX moves
Lv2 super

and no this isn't a Pots style character,not even close,I would call it an custom abomination,if we are really wanna title it,its pretty much like Koldskool's edits