Looking To Hire: Wedding Present For Groomsmen, Custom Game, Paying Job $$ (Read 434 times)

Started by BackstreetZAFU, February 09, 2019, 04:23:23 am
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Looking To Hire: Wedding Present For Groomsmen, Custom Game, Paying Job $$
#1  February 09, 2019, 04:23:23 am
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Hi Everyone,

This is my first time posting on the MUGEN forum, so I apologize if I misstep or say anything stupid. I'm not even sure if this post belongs here, but it seemed like a good place to start. I promise I'll get the hang of it.

Long story short, I'm getting married in September, and I want to do something awesome and unique for my groomsmen. So I thought, "I wonder if I could make a version of Street Fighter, but with us?" I Googled some stuff, and landed here. I've actually heard of MUGEN before, and seen some videos and samples of what it can do. So, basically, I'm looking for someone who 1) thinks this is a cool idea, and 2) would be interested in talking.

What I'm NOT looking to do is build a game from the ground up. Ideally, what I'd like to do is take a game (Street Fighter II is my go to), and add us in as characters. Same other characters. Same music. Same backgrounds. Basically keeping as much of the same elements of the original game as possible.

I've actually had some animations done in the past, sprite-based (but for a Final Fight-style game), so I'm a LITTLE familiar with that aspect. As for programming, exporting, and stuff like that...not so much. (Not even sure if those are the correct terms.)

So, what I'm hoping is that someone (or multiple someones, ideally) will reply to this post, or PM me, and help me get started. Either by saying, "I'm interested", "I'm a sprite artist," "I do programming," "I'm a MUGEN expert," or "Hey, you should try this site to find a programmer, etc." That would be awesome.

As I said, first time poster. So, I hope I made sense. If anyone can get back to me, I would sincerely appreciate it.

By the way, this would be a paying job. I would just need to hear what a realistic price point for something like this would be.

Thanks everyone!

PS - I've had some success with viral content in the past, and I'm planning on sending the final product all over the place. So, it could be a great promotional tool for anyone looking for that sort of thing. I'm sure it'll be of interest to relationship sites, humor sites, etc...