Important Revival News?  (Read 1402 times)

Started by TheFclass97, April 29, 2016, 09:14:14 pm
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Important Revival News?
New #1  April 29, 2016, 09:14:14 pm
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Hello guys, just some quick notes on a few things...

(Kinda of important stuff I guess, so please grab a cup of coffee and some reading glasses)

To start off with, sorry for the lack of certain updates and whatnot, been super busy with college, separate projects (both mugen and not mugen related), and generally working on bigger and better things. Recently, I've been reflecting on Revival's future, and it has been doing fairly fine. However, I then started to look at the project from a more bigger perspective... of course, I learn about fighters more everyday, and learned to fix a lot of problems and whatnot. With the time I had, it gave me better ideas and more knowledge, and I can see a few more issues with Revival. From balance to general look, I feel that I can do better... ...and I will. Even though I can still see and I still do believe Revival can be played competitively and that each character can counter each other (not as "unbalanced" as one would think on the surface), but I feel that the best thing I can do at this point is take many of the new ideas, discovered capabilities of the IKEMEN engine, and general coding for the characters and the engine, and incorporate them to a brand new project.

Well, would this mean that I will quit Revival?

It's difficult to say, because I know many people who still play and enjoy Revival (especially competitively), and because of Revival (and sadly, Vanilla NETMugen), it has allowed more and more people to see and play it, as well as get some of the work I did with IKEMEN to get noticed. So I plan on making one last update (1.0.5) and taking a break from the project. Not sure if I will be making updates for the future, and I'm definitely not sure if it will fix all the issues in the current version (, but I believe its best (among others as well) to release 1.0.5 to close some gaps.

So, what now?

Along with the IKEMEN conversions and projects I'm doing, college, and other general stuff, I have a plan... I plan on making a brand new game, and coding it from the ground up. For me, it's probably best to do so. Not only will I be coding characters to play as ONE SPECIFIC style (exclusively to the project), but I also plan on upping and improving EVERYTHING for the game. It will be an IKEMEN full game... A TRUE, IKEMEN full game...

When will it be coming?

For starters, I'm doing a Ryu right now as a base/proof of concept for the new mechanics and systems and such. Once I get around showing it and getting some quick tests done, I'll probably do an early access alpha built of the new project, then 2 BETA stages, and a full release (with of course, new balance update and DLC in the future). While doing this, I hope it will show a much brighter future, and maybe help expand IKEMEN's ability, as well as for me getting better and making this for MUGEN/IKEMEN, maybe get some people involved in helping (making a true DEV Team), or at least getting people more interested. I want to fix my previously issues, and just generally get improve myself.

And Revival?

I'll make a 1.0.5 and just leave it at that. I won't totally abandon the project. I'll still put matches up, and might touch it from time and time again (as it DOES have a community for it).

So yeah, I'll post more things i the future regarding the 2 projects. I know it was a lot to read, but it was needed for me to explain to everyone.

Tl;dr - I'm making one more update to Revival (1.0.5), and I want to move on the bigger and greater things... And you will SEE the improvement soon... Thank You. ^_~
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