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Original characters and changes in my play style.
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(Very long post)

Hi everybody, I have a laptop now, so I can continue making some content for MUGEN; however, my dad knows how to move the stuff from my old computer's hard drive to the laptop, and my MUGEN is in my old computer, so I'm not gonna make anything until my MUGEN has been transferred to the laptop.

In the mean time, I'll just share some new ideas I have in mind. The first being original characters that will be used in a fighting game I plan to make later on, and it is my pleasure to show you one of them (it's a girl she needs a new design since I changed some things in her character).

This is Emily Stone

Originally, Emily was a Native American girl living in one of the forests of Nevada with the tribe where her mother lived with. Now she's a jungle girl making friends with animals rescued by her mom, her dad, and herself, being released into the wild from her mom's sanctuary into one of the tropical rain forests that's in Hawaii. She uses feline instincts, but she fights in mixed martial arts (Muay Thai, Shaolin Kempo, Uechi-Ryu, and Judo) while she uses moves from professional wrestling (The monkey flip is the only one I have so far).

Emily is a close combat fighter, so she doesn't have projectiles. She's very fast, very agile, and pretty strong as a half human half feline specimen. She's basically a combination of Chun-Li and Cammy White, but that doesn't mean she can rapid kick. I'm making a move list for her in Google Docs right now so stay tooned.

As of now, Emily needs a new design because of her change in roles. Unfortunately I can't design characters for sh%t when it comes to sci-fi armor, tribal clothes, or jungle clothes (which is one of the reasons why I lost my interest in art, and the picture wasn't made by me), so as I said in the past, I'm gonna be needing some help. Fortunately, my social security card came into the mail the other day, so once I get a ID, I might be able to get a job, and make money for commissions.

3 other OCs I have in mind are Shoma Tsukenzo, Himari Tsukenzo, Xan Lee, and Steven Stanswell.

Shoma doesn't have a picture, but I do have his design in my head. He's a pretty buff Bruce Lee lookalike from Osaka, Japan, who idolizes the late martial artist. He has developed a reputation of being a tough guy and accepts fights with great ease. He's been getting into street fights since he was 10 and originally had his own personal kickboxing style using adrenaline from Bruce Lee's mixed martial arts and Sonny Chiba's karate. Later on, his sister brought him to the Kyoryokuna Ken martial arts school and his original belt was purple, now he's a black belt.

If you don't know what Kyoryokuna Ken is, it's a mixed martial arts style that only exists in the universe Shoma and the others are in. It's basically a mix of A LOT of styles. Jeet Kune Do, 5 styles of karate (Kyokushin, Goju-Ryu, Shotokan, Uechi-Ryu, and Shaolin Kempo), Thai kickboxing, and Judo. It makes use of Qi, which comes in many forms in this universe. In this case, Shoma's Qi attacks are fire based (go figure).

Shoma may look like Bruce Lee if you were to draw him, that doesn't mean he's another Bruce Lee clone. In fact, unlike any of the Bruce Lee clones, Shoma is more unique. He uses more brute force thanks to his street fighting days and also doesn't use Bruce Lee's traditional monkey screams. He can perform Yakuza kicks, one-arm slams, shoulder tackles, and head-butts. His attacks show some pretty big similarities to K' since Shoma is, primarily, based on him, but unlike K's attacks, Shoma can throw a projectile without doing anything and one of his supers big pillars of fire, similar to Goodman's fire pillar attack. I will make a movelist for him someday.

Next one is Himari, who is modeled after Asuka Kazama from Tekken (hence the reason why I had my interest in the series, but it's not just her). She's Shoma's younger sister, but she knows better than Shoma. Himari is a retired World Karate champion who also uses Taekwondo (which she uses a whole lot), and is a big fan of pro wrestling. In fact, Shoma is a guitarist and has made is own indie band, and he made a song for Himari's entrance in the wrestling ring (which is her in-game theme, btw). She originally took Kyoryokuna Ken classes when she was 6 and she became a black belt at 19.

Himari is pretty agile as well, and her attacks mostly consist of kicks. Her Qi attacks are lightning based and she uses a projectile that's similar to Yusuke's Spirit Gun. Her movelist will come soon.

Just to make things short for these 2, Xan Lee is based on Jackie Chan's Drunken Master character, and Steven is a tribute to Ultimate Warrior (WWE wrestler).

Now for the changes in my play style. It's now has some of the mechanics in Super Smash Bros (since I played that series LONG before I played Street Fighter and King of Fighters). One mechanic I have in mind is the grab system. Let's say that you're playing as Ryu (even though he's still in my old computer, but I will finish him once my dad gets everything out), once you grab your opponent, you'll hold on to the opponent. While holding your opponent, you can do 1 out of 4 things:

1: Use any attack button to beat the opponent up.

2: Do the character's front throw.

3: Do the character's back throw.

4: Do the character's down throw.

I do know the down throw for Shoma, but for the Shoto-clones, that's gonna be a doozy. If you guys would rather go for the traditional fighting game throw system, I'm okay with that. I just want to bring in something that very little people use (looking at N64Mario's Smash Bros characters).

This may be native to regular fighting games, but there are also attacks when you hold either right or left (depending on which direction) and press a attack button then your character will perform a certain attack. There's a difference. Instead of 4 (or 3, depends. I gotta research the move list of these guys), it's all 6 buttons.

There's also the safe-roll (which safe-roll is better? King of Fighters or Super Smash Bros), the dodge (ground and air, like Smash), the deflect (Parry or Powershield if your Street Fighter or Super Smash Bros players), and the breakfall (if you're a Smash player, you're probably familiar with this).

I originally had the Alpha Counter and the Custom Combo, and MAX Mode in mind, but I might screw them up and I never use MAX Mode in King of Fighters 2002 UM.

The characters will also support Team Z2's characters in the clash system and Goku's Kaio-Ken attack, gonna be needing the sprites for them though.

So what do you think of the characters and the changes in the style?
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