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Started by Rhythmical, August 26, 2018, 10:10:21 pm
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Re: Tiffany Lords(POTS-ish system)
#21  September 09, 2018, 11:21:21 am
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Because she has no IA, i remove her old IA because gave me certain problems, posibly in the next update i will add a decent IA with few tweaks.

No worries, I still enjoyed the character, keep it up!
Re: Tiffany Lords(POTS-ish system) Updated 28/12/2018
#22  December 29, 2018, 04:13:48 am
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Tiffany Updated! Link and details in the first post!


Re: Tiffany Lords Updated 12/29/2018
#23  December 30, 2018, 02:23:00 am
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This is pretty good. There were some issues, but I just went ahead and fixed most of them myself:

**Now in her official link.**

What was fixed:
Spoiler: Initial Updates (click to see content)

There's some things you still need to fix though:

-MAX Groovy Special will push Tiffany back if p2 is in the corner, causing the last wind up punch to whiff while they're dizzy.

-You should probably buff the hitbox(red clsn) a bit for Beautiful Spin(Both EX and normal versions). As it's a bit slim and some of the hits whiff on a good amount of chars.

-Clean up the code. Don't leave stuff there that you're not using from bases you used. It could lead to problems that you don't know why it's happening. Var(3) is used for the jump type detection and var(7) is used for the Max super detection. You used them for Groovy Punch's increment detection(var(3)) and some odd pause mechanic for her overhead command normal(var(7)). I changed the Groovy Punch var to 2 for you already. Though you need to change the overhead pause var stuff yourself. I left notations in the code.

That var list in the System.def is there for a reason. It'll save you a lot of headache if you pay attention to it. I also got rid of the Akuma restriction you left there and Fake Kacho Sen from Mai(which would lock her up in a invalid state if you did it.). Look over the code and learn it. So you know what's going on.

-All her standing high and standing low get hit anims should use the same clsns as her stance.

Nevermind, I fixed this for you. Refer to EDIT2 below.

It's good that you stuck to the "blueprint" so to speak that Fervicante had laid out. You adapted her pretty well overall. Pretty good job.


Looking thru the code, it looks like the overhead var(7) is just left over code from Fervicante. Along with you having some var(55) stuff for a couple of her normals. Copying and pasting code is a bad practice, because you're not learning. Also, as I said above, it can lead to bugs because you'll have vars crossing over one another. I suggest you go thru all the code, and clean up what needs to be taken out.

There's no var(55) at all, and the same goes for the var(7) pause stuff for her overhead. As you're not using var(7) for what Fervicante used it for in his version. It's fine to edit stuff/use stuff as a base. Though you'll benefit overall a lot more if you actually learn what's doing what, and not just C&P stuff. Also, when I was talking about buffing the hitbox for Beautiful Spin, I was referring to the last rising/spinning portion of the attack. Not the grounded/start up hits.


Y'know what, I just went ahead and fixed everything. Because I have OCD... Normally I wouldn't do anything like this, but they were all things bothering me, though easy enough fixes.

Here's the addition fixes I did:

Spoiler: Additional Updates (click to see content)

For someone like me, the little details are important. For most, I know just having something function is good enough for them. IDK where you fit in the spectrum, though we'll see with future releases from you. At least if things like this ever get brought up to you again, you can't say no one ever showed you/told you about the finer details.

I didn't erase the unnecessary code completely though. I left it in with notations, so you can see and delete it for yourself. Her German Suplex throw was using the turn animation for the first frame of it for p2. I'm gonna assume this was just left over from the base version, though that's mighty strange. I'd advise just using the required gethits for throws. Every char won't have matching turn anims, and may not have them at all. I don't think it's required(turn anims). Updated the link with said fixes. I'll more than likely go over more things in the near future. Like improving her EX specials functionality and what not. Though for now, this is good. A bit long winded, sorry, this is why I don't do this much. Still, I'm explaining myself thoroughly and leaving notations, so you'll know what was done, and learn from it. Avoiding said mistakes and things/paying more attention to the finer details in the future.
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Re: Tiffany Lords Updated 12/29/2018
#24  December 31, 2018, 02:09:48 am
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Thats the thing with Tiff ( I am not gonna pretend that I knew half the stuff DW mentioned) I thought she was really solid but had a few kinks to iron out, its super cool to see DW jump in and patch  the stuff that he found. Good job to both of you.
Re: Tiffany Lords Updated 12/29/2018
#25  January 10, 2019, 08:27:07 pm
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Wow dude, thank you so much for all the feedback and taking your time for fix a lot of issues that I never noticed or i overlooked, i really appreciate it.

Pf, I'm really a fool, I overlooked the upper part of debug flood because i thought that was really unnecesary. With what you mentioned I realize how important it is.

- Overall , I love the way that you edit the German Suplex (I also wanted it to look nice but I could not do it :P) and the Groovy Special (MAX), very fluid at all. And i like how with the changes you made now she is very balanced.

- Her scale (.9333) was something personal, in my opinion her default scale is a bit big unlike other fighters. But it's good!

- Yeah, she need a lot improvement and some changes. With the big help that you gave me I will learn from it and i make some future changes for her. Thanks a lot!!!


Thanks Man!!!

I did a few aditional fixes:
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

And all DW's fixes are updated!

Link is in the first post!!
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Re: Tiffany Lords Updated 01/10/2018
#26  January 11, 2019, 05:51:32 pm
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No problem. Like I said, those weren't big issues, just oversights overall. You're not a fool or anything, we all make mistakes. Just gotta learn from them and keep progressing. You definitely want to pay attention to the upper left debug info during creation. As for the slam, throws can be tricky, though the more you work with them, the easier it becomes. I have faith you'll acclimate yourself to them over time. I was generally impressed you were able to apply the Tiny Buffer with no mishaps. Very well done. I wouldn't say she needs a lot of improvement, cause what you have here is very good.

Just some changes possibly to her EX properties. As I see plenty of people just make an EX move a stronger, flashing version of the default special move. A lot of them don't realize EX moves are meant to be worth using/spending meter for, just like a super. I'll go over this more later, when I play more with her(which I have been doing arcade runs with her lately). You did a good job. I look forward to more works from you in the future. I'll let you know if I run into any more bugs.