Uncanny Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite 3v3 tag (Read 653 times)

Started by PIZZAHIGHFIVE, January 09, 2019, 10:41:15 am
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Uncanny Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite 3v3 tag
#1  January 09, 2019, 10:41:15 am
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Uncanny Marvel VS Capcom Infinte is the name so far, but dunno if I like it, so if anyone could help out with any cool names I'd appreciate it.       

Wassup, I been working on this full game for the past 2 years.  Here is it's history..  It started off as a Marvel vs Capcom mugen, a legit one, no MVC Homer Simpsons or no DBZ or DC characters or goof characters. I'm a big MVC player and I've played some tournaments, i'm not famous or anything but i do play competitvely MVC1, UMVC3 are my super good games while I get destroyed on MVC2 so fast honestly lmao but I still am way better than the average person, So if anyone wanna fight on some MVC on fightcade lemme know ;)  Well the point is that I WANT a legit MVC game that really feels like a real Capcom game when it comes to mechanics and playstyle that I am very competitive with.

     So I compiled the BEST mvc characters by some of the best mugen creators including the new mvc characters like Michelle Heart, Carnage, and hell of a lot more, but all strictly Marvel or Capcom.  So the game was fun till after playing it for a long time, I realize that many characters have errors...fixable errors but they got pretty damn annoying. They all had many errors from hitbox issues, broken wtf issues, random glitch issues, classic combos missing from certain characters, the list goes on.  So even tho these were the best MVC version of that character I could find they still had errors that made the game eventually annoying if I wanna play it seriously. So even tho all of these Mugen creators are patient, talented and amazing (and thank you of coarse all characters that are being used will be credited in a Read Me file called "Thank you to these")  it is very normal to make mistakes or forget certain things.

       So for about 1 year now I've been editing all these characters and fixing all these errors.  That is where most of my heavy duty work goes to, fixing mechanical issues and errors which has been absolutely fantastic and I for one can say it is now funner than any existing actual MVC game.  because now that I go back to playing any other real mvc game I end up getting bored quickly now cause it is more limited, I realize how much funner my mvc is and it has the same characters but with more chars, and they all have been cleaned up with all the maximum effort I could give :)

- 3v3 tag

- Tag Cancel, now during any time, even supers!

- Call assists, now during supers and during super jump

- 76 Marvel characters and 76 Cacpom characters. you can't f*ck with it.

- Characters have been privately edited and cleaned up, all original creators will still be credited.

- Unreleased stages, rare no one has seen these stages... like a MVC styled Desert Highway - Overdrive Ostrich stage, and a Onimusha stage for example.

- Unreleased Final Boss... created by me.  No one has ever seen him before.... All I can say is he is harder than Onslaught, and has 2 forms.   

- Uses Add004 lifebars and powerbars. but I am currently editing them giving em a MvC touch. Also the power bars will be the 6 gems , so you will be able to build up to 6 bars!  INFINITY

and some gameplay

, I would like to turn the game into being 1.1 so the stages can have a lil zoom out... what would be the easiest way to do that ?
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Re: Uncanny Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite 3v3 tag
#2  January 09, 2019, 07:19:23 pm
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Interesting project, to add a zoom effect to stages, add to the camera section this values and test changing values

startzoom = 1
zoomin = 1
zoomout = 0.7

For complete information, check this tutorial by Electro

Re: Uncanny Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite 3v3 tag
#3  January 09, 2019, 07:41:13 pm
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This project looks pretty cool~
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Re: Uncanny Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite 3v3 tag
#4  January 11, 2019, 05:45:12 pm
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this project will be amazing when you release PIZZAHIGHFIVE, in your videos i could see the quality.

EDIT: I send to you a message in your youtube video asking some, when you see answer to me:
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Re: Uncanny Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite 3v3 tag
#5  January 11, 2019, 10:40:13 pm
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considering this is a compilation of edited characters, will you be editing them to have the same system? counter, snapback, etc.?

or are they going to retain their own systems, with some characters using mvc mechanics, some using mvc2, some using spec ops, etc
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