Agnibyte's Nintendo Stage Collection (W.I.P) (Read 462 times)

Started by RedDragonCats17, November 25, 2018, 11:05:10 pm
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Agnibyte's Nintendo Stage Collection (W.I.P)
New #1  November 25, 2018, 11:05:10 pm
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Agnibyte's Nintendo Stages

SMB Underground:


SMB2 2-1:


Zelda II Parapa Palace:



SMB Castle

SMB World 3

SMB World 4

SMB World 2 & 5

SMB2 World 4-2

Metroid (NES) Brinstar

Zelda II Midoro Palace

Just a lot of stages Agnibyte created.


Just to let you guys know, I'm not gonna do a collection on my stages, because what's the point? They're already uploaded to my website, and the stages section is basically a collection of my stages. I'll only do a collection as a means to archive my stages when I retire from MUGEN. But am I going to ever retire? How 'bout no.

Y'see, I love this engine, and I love its community. I'm going nowhere.
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