Character-Specific Lifebar BG / SFIV Ultras? (SOLVED) (Read 313 times)

Started by Joey S., February 06, 2019, 10:52:10 pm
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Character-Specific Lifebar BG / SFIV Ultras? (SOLVED)
#1  February 06, 2019, 10:52:10 pm
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I have two things to ask about here, and they more-or-less have to do with if select features have been implemented in MUGEN.

The first one I'd like to ask about is character-specific lifebars. While it wouldn't apply to the lifebars themselves, the background designs for said lifebars would be different for each character in the game. I'm not too sure if anyone has actually done something like this, and I would like to know since I'm making my first MUGEN project. If someone has done it, it would be nice if I could see what kind of coding was put into it.

The other thing I would like to know about are Ultra Combos (in the style of SFIV). Unlike the first feature I am more convinced that someone has implemented the alternate super meter after seeing this post of a Soul Calibur 5 inspired HUD by Rayzo in M.U.G.E.N Screenshots V3, seen below.

If anyone could give me a tip on where these features could be in MUGEN, and what code commands I would need to use to implement them into my game, that would be helpful!
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Re: Character-Specific Lifebar BG / SFIV Ultras?
#2  February 09, 2019, 03:38:04 am
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Unique lifebar backgrounds for individual characters is possible.  It's all about creating the proper explod state controllers that are active during the fight.  Secondly, creating a similar ultra combo gauge has also been done before.  Some of Fido's old Street Fighter characters had one.  Here is what I am talking about:

It's the very last gauge on the bottom. While Guile has a full gauge, Gouki's is very small.  The gauge fills up as the character takes damage.  When coding explod state controllers, you can be very creative.  In my Vampire game, the entire lifebar is a series of hard coded explod stcrls.  Only the timer is default.  I also used the same concept with the combo counter and the powerbars.  Here's some examples: 

Hard Coding the lifebars gives you much more flexibility. The constraints and limitations default mugen lifebars present may be avoided.
You can also check this link:
Skip down to Section 2.  This is what helped me.
Re: Character-Specific Lifebar BG / SFIV Ultras? (SOLVED)
#3  February 09, 2019, 01:50:51 pm
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Wow, thank you very much for that!

I will absolutely make sure to put these kinds of things to good use for my project.

(Hopefully I can reach a point where I can show screenshots and everything else.)