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Started by Moon Girard, January 18, 2017, 11:28:47 pm
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Re: Fire Emblem Heroes [iOS/Android]
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The thing I don't get with the new red flyboy is, when he attacks, his weapon makes him double the enemy, and his A skill prevents the enemy from doubling him - so when he attacks, the entire SPD stat just stops existing. (also, anyone remembered that Wary Fighter was a thing that existed and was also power-crept by that skill and not just for armors ?)

If the unit doesn't have any skills that guarantee or deny follow ups then yeah. Best thing to do is not let him attack you. If he attacks someone with a qr effect, both skills will be negated and the follow ups will be based on the spd stat.
However let's say Zelgius has Wary Fighter (to slow down fights in AR or somthing) and Tibarn has sword breaker. The follow up from his weapon and wary fighter cancel each other out but the sword breaker effect is still active granting Tibarn the follow up.
Wary Fighter still has its uses besides that drawback I just mentioned. I use Effie as one of my Arena cheerleaders and she can block The Reinhardt's lance breaker because she has more speed than him. It's also useful for setting up bonus kills. If you have that giant a-hole he can literally tank everything while weakening the enemy.

EDIT looks like only infantry and fliers can use sturdy impact
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