First bosses for my MegaMan Full Game (Read 637 times)

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First bosses for my MegaMan Full Game
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I've decided that while I wait for some help in my Zero thread, I'm gonna give out some ideas for the first few bosses of this game. Can I code these bosses? Possibly. Can I code the A.I? I don't think so.

From MegaMan (classic)

(Hidden Bosses)

Air Man:

Air Man will be source accurate, but his tornado projectiles will be wide enough for characters like X and Zero to pass through. And his boss theme will be a NES remix of Airman ga Taosenai, using the MegaMan 2 soundfont.

Crash Man:

Crash Man is source accurate, but his boss theme is his stage theme.

From MegaMan Zero

(Hidden Bosses)

Omega Zero:

This is the boss version of Omega Zero. He'll be more like his ZX incarnation, having the pillar move heal him. However, he'll have design influences from Maverick Hunter Zero, primarily the helmet, the chest plate, the shoulders, and the forearm guards. His stage will flash images of both Zero's (Maverick Hunter Zero, and MegaMan Zero) memories, primarily the events in the 16-bit MegaMan X games, MegaMan X4 & X5, pre-MegaMan Zero 1, and MegaMan Zero 1-3 (Dr. Wily, Vile, Sigma, Colonel, and Iris for Maverick Hunter Zero, and Ciel, the Resistance, Cyber Elf X, The Four Guardians, and Copy X for MegaMan Zero). His boss theme will be a remix of Canonball, based on the mythos remix specifically.

Copy X:

Copy X will be like his source self. But his theme will be the same as Ultimate Armor X and Awakened Zero once I actually fight them (and play X5 of course), a remix of X vs. Zero based on this.


Phantom will be like his source, except that his theme is not going to be the regular boss theme (don't know what kind of theme I'm gonna choose for that), but a completely original theme that has some influence from Baiken's theme and Kouga Ninpou Chou from Basilisk.

(Regular bosses)

Fenir Lunaedge:

Like Phantom, Fenir will be like his source self.

Panter Fauclaws:

Panter Fauclaws is going to be a little different. Unless some wizard could collab with me on this, this boss is going to be on regular battle ground, not on wide platforms. It could still be possible to make the experience the same, though.

Blazin' Flizard:

I'm not sure about his stream of fire coming from his mane, but his flame thrower, boomerang, and fire grenades are doable.

Deathtanz Mantisk:

I'm not sure about his wall jump slashes, but I'm pretty sure I can code his rock attack.

From MegaMan ZX

(Hidden Bosses)


Giro will have both attack on when you fight him as Vent and Aile, but his boss theme will be the same as Copy X, Ultimate Armor X, and Awakened Zero.

(Regular Bosses)


Fistleo will be like his source.


Most of Hurricaune's attacks are going to be there, except her drill move.
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