Free tutorial making/ recording software (Read 3247 times)

Started by Necrith, October 06, 2007, 11:14:06 am
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Free tutorial making/ recording software
#1  October 06, 2007, 11:14:06 am
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My first actual info topic  ;P

I have noticed when there is a tutorial about something, ppl intent to setup a camera and show it.
Not that i am glad that there IS a tut about things i don't know in video, it can get a blur.
I am sure a lot of you have a software, whits might be free, or not, or downloaded true bitorn.

I am having a school project ATM, wear i need to teach a number of ppl how to use a SMARTBOARD.
Whit this smart-board comes a software that is used to help ppl learn some things at school.
Now, i hear you think "whats that got to do whit it"
well, amazingly, this software comes whit a recording button.
this button will save in .AVI (not sure if any other formats) will not take up 20Gig like fraps, and will also record the sound at the same time.

So, to sum it up, you can draw lines around things, and record it.
and best of all, its free to download.

Here is the link.

you will be asked to fill in some information, but as far as i know, you can fill in you are a banana and they will let you download it.

and seeing as its my school project to know every thing there is about this software, ask me any thing