Guyver 2: Oswald A Lisker (Read 2923 times)

Started by Alchemist, September 09, 2013, 07:57:07 pm
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Guyver 2: Oswald A Lisker
#1  September 09, 2013, 07:57:07 pm
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Sup fellas been a long while since I been apart of the community and I'm looking to come back eventually, I did intend to start by updating my old characters but I thought I'd cut straight to the chase instead. For a long time now I've had the idea to create characters from the Guyver universe, a very niche and old manga,  I always thought it had some cool character designs and abilities that could translate well into a fighter. So anyway I wanted to use this thread as a means to document my creative process, I'll be modeling, rigging and animating from the ground up. I've been learning 3d max for a number of years now and am comfortable at it, though the animation stage is still pretty new to me so I'll be using this first project to learn the ropes.

As for coding once I eventually reach that stage I'm not sure If I want to do it, as Ive been out the game for a while and am very rusty, but I always envisioned the gameplay to be similar to that of Arc System Works game, so in future if anyone wants to work with me that would be great!

anyway here's some progess shots of the model:

after smoothing is applied:


and lastly these are test renders, I'm trying to go for the cell shade affect similar to the ninja storm series and the new GG XRD

any critiques or even suggestions for animations and movesets when I reach that stage would be great! Also if this is the wrong section i apologize in advanced.  :)
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