Mega Man X Mugen - search a specific game (Read 581 times)

Started by Nero-Jin, December 28, 2012, 07:38:16 pm
Mega Man X Mugen - search a specific game
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Hi there,

A few years ago, I run over an WIP Mega Man X game. It has flashy animations, unique Moves and original characters, of course also some standard chars like X and Zero. THe problem: It was many years ago, and I can't find it anymore... Now I hope you can tell me which one it was. here a few Facts I'm totally sure about:

- It was a Work in Progress
- It was released as an .exe, to prevent stealing anything. It doesn't install anything, you start the .exe, you start the game
- The Boss in arcade mode was Omega Zero (first he was looking like Zero with slighly different color scheme, then transforms into the giant robot in second round)
- Zero has combos with his X4/5 sprites, BUT ALSO the X6 sprites. The X6 saber slashes also glowed.
- I'm sure it wasn't battle Curcuit or scrap metal arena

Does anybody know what I'm searching? I can't find anything =(


Okay, I found out which game it was. It was 22xxGT, but all Links I can find are down!
Can someone give me a working Link? this is the game: Super Exhibition Bonus Stage Combo Exhibition (older Build)
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Re: Mega Man X Mugen - search a specific game
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