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Rajaa the Brainiac
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Rajaa the Brainiac

Taken from his homeland at a young age to be a servant for the man on a lonely island, Rajaa decided to jump ship and make a swim for it. After floating, and thinking intensely for 7 days and 7 nights (in toxic waters), Rajaa developed a huge brain from the fumes.
With his new brain and heightened senses, he became a successful business man in New York, managing  his own grocery store where he hypnotizes people to come and buy stuff daily. Smart as he may be, Rajaa lacks proper societal skills and has never figured out that western contraption that others call "pants" or the small torture instruments called "shoes". Tired of being mocked for his pantless state, Rajaa decides to bring back some pain, in aways involving putting his foot through the personal space of other people rear ends.

Can control cows, cattle and bulls with the snap of his finger.
is great at cooking bowls of curry which he eats to replenish his brain.
Has the ability to guess anyone's name just by looking at their face.
Is really really good at crosswords.

When Rajaa fights, his eyes glow yellow from anger.
He has 2 boomerang pens in his shirt pocket, and can teleport by thinking really hard!
With his psychic abilities, he can easily reflect any thing thrown at him with the blink of an eye.


Blood type:
 Salt water


... I get the feeling that he is looking for trouble...

someone just pointed out that i had forgotten to put up one of the chars >_>
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the amount of stereotypes is painful. i love it
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