Revival! Main Discussion (29 June 14)  (Read 20144 times)

Started by Nnaajj, June 29, 2014, 01:14:50 pm
Revival! Main Discussion (29 June 14)
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Capcom Classics Clash (a.k.a CCC) aims to bring characters from various Beat 'Em Up / Side Scroller franchises into one whole full game with a mixture of mechanics old and new. In this thread I shall be listing all the mechanics for this
project and roster, stage and music information.

x - Weak Attack (Can be stringed together for a target combo, to build block stun pressure or for block stun grapple set ups)
y - Strong Attack (Each character's 4-5 hit target combo finisher. Can display over-head properties)
a - Jump (Inspired by arcade game format. Up direction can still be used for jumping)
b - Grapple (A throw which sends the enemy into a grapple state when succesful. Can be followed up by either grapple attacks
or throws)

Target Combo (x, x, x, y -Or Either- x, x, x, x, y)
-Like Final Fight 3, tapping the Weak Attack (x) button repeatedly will result in a target combo. Use Strong Attack (y) to finish.

Extra Joy (x+a -OR- y+a)
- An invincible but gaurdable move derived from Capcom Beat 'Em Ups. Deals 125 damage to the enemy and the player
on hit. Can be used as an anti air or to escape from set ups at the cost of an equal damage trade.
Only susceptible to Super JOYs.

Dodge Maneuver (x+b -OR- y+b)
- A maneuver which can range from a dodge to a counter. Requires 500 power.

Extra JOY Cancel (x+a -OR- y+a - during a special or un-linked strong attack)
 - Similar to Street Fighter 4's FADC. Requires 1000 power. In most cases, an Extra JOY cancel is safe on block
and can lead into devastating combos.

Each character will posses 3 Super JOYs to select from at the start of a game, each requiring 2000 power.

Most Super JOYs display invincible frames at start up.
Super JOY 3 allows the player to use both Super JOY 1 and 2 at the cost of reduced damage and lack
of Desperation JOY.

(NOT FINAL) Desperation JOY is one unique super which can be initiated when the player's health is below 300hp and has stored 3000 power.
This unique super can only be used once per game. Desperation JOYs are completely invincible and deal a large amount of damage.

Grapple, as stated previously, sends the enemy into a grapple state. Each character will have a different variety of options.
For example, throws which makes the player switch sides or the player being capable of jumping and being able to perform
further devestating throws such as a Spinning Pile Driver.

Roster (NOT FINAL)
-The roster is rather large but due to the simplistic style of gameplay, I believe that this goal is more than achievable.

Final Fight 3
Haggar - Near Completion

Super Street Fighter II
Fei Long (Possibly)

Captain Commando
Mack - Ripped and Colour Seperated
Ginzu - Ripped
Baby Head - Ripped

Battle Circuit
Cyber Blue
Capt.Silver (Possibly)
Yellow Iris (Possibly)
Alien Green
Pink Ostrich

Slam Masters 2 (Possibly, will be decided in future)

Warriors of Fate
Subutai - Ripped
Kadan - Ripped and Colour Seperated

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
Mess - Near Completion

Alien vs Predator
Lt.Linn Near Completion

The Punisher
Nick Fury (Possibly)

Knights of The Round
Lancelot - Ripped and Colour Seperated
Arthur (Possibly)

Stages Brief
-Each game franchise will include at least 2 stages.
-True to original aspect ratio
-Interact-ables on specific stages
-Original compositions

Music Brief(NOT FINAL)
-As an electronic producer, it would be a great idea to personally create some remixes for the various games.
 I am aiming for a Jungle-esque/Hip Hop style. Tracks will be posted in the Original Composition thread including their Soundcloud link, a link to the original inspiration track and a few words of what was used in the creation of them.

This little snippet of one of my latest tracks will give you a clearer image of the style I'll be creating in.

It's been 4 years since I've been away from mugen and hopefully this time around I will manage to produce this idea possibly with
the help of some new people. This 2nd attempt should be much more promising as my knowledge of fighting games has broadened
immensely from being an avid 3rd Strike player.

Discussion about anything to do with the project as a whole (including mechanics, roster, etc) can take place in this thread.

NOTE: Images still need to be added to give this thread a more appealing look -.-
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Re: Revival! Main Discussion (29 June 14)
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Good luck!
Re: Revival! Main Discussion (29 June 14)
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I've been playing with a few ideas when it comes to small portraits and portraits.
As much of the game's aspects are based upon Final Fight 3, I thought it would also be suitable to create small portraits (as well as big portraits) in Final Fight 3 style.

The top row are the original Final Fight 3 portraits - Haggar, Guy, Dean, Lucia (from left to right)
The bottom row are some portraits sprited by myself - Mess O'bradovich, Lancelot (from left to right)

Here's a little Lifebar mock up also.

Oh and might as well drop a teaser whilst I'm on the subject of spriting!
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Kinda strange but I woke up today and her hand was on my ass cheek
I won't suspect anything though I'll take it she was sleeping and didn't notice
you should have flipped over slowly
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Re: Revival! Main Discussion (29 June 14)
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