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Started by Hoshi, April 21, 2010, 09:50:12 pm
Re: [Theme Thread] Street Fighter 3/CPS3 Sprite thread
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Cps3 style segata Sanshiro (I would want to specify I made this one by starting from scratch)   
There's nothing CPS3 (SFIII or Jojo or Warzard/Red Earth) about it.
You need to look at the actual sprites as reference. Not the CvS sprites and not Street Fighter Alpha sprites.
The proportions are odd, with very long arms and very big hands and feet. Is his height okay? It looks like his legs are short too.
The shading is a mix between SFA and CvS.
Re: [Theme Thread] Street Fighter 3/CPS3 Sprite thread
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Ok ,ahm, what about now? 
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Re: [Theme Thread] Street Fighter 3/CPS3 Sprite thread
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You didn't fix much actually. The shading still doesn't resemble sf3 sprites. As Alex said - it looks like a mixture of cvs and cps2.
Also the sprite itself  is too small. It's size is about 2/3 of a regular sf3 character. You didn't fix the proportins as well. They look really bad.
Use references to get a proper glimpse of how it should look.
I don't want to discourage you from making sprites. Keep your work up and you'll get better eventually. You're doing excelent work with cvs takuma/mr. karate.

Here's a great tutorial on how to make sf3 sprites. You may find it useful.