Kairi and Aqua from Kingdomhearts (Read 410 times)

Started by dimitriowa, November 14, 2017, 07:41:34 pm
Kairi and Aqua from Kingdomhearts
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 Please, I'm desperately wanting these two characters for my mugen but can not find them anywhere. There are one of each up that are just unacceptable, lacking many animations and basically just becoming models for you to look at if anything; they're not actually playable in any real, enjoyable way. If someone, anyone could please maybe work with those two characters on mugen archive and actually make them even halfway fun? I know others would be happy to have this apart of their kh mugen or mugen in general if it caught attention. If someone has better versions of these characters(I think that ultraboard101 showcased a private kairi he never released) that would also be grand, idk if someone has already tweaked these characters and has them privately but if so, please share.
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