K'oss is off Hiatus, and Looking for a spriter BADLY (Read 4381 times)

Started by WaveBossa, December 05, 2007, 09:40:18 pm
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K'oss is off Hiatus, and Looking for a spriter BADLY
#1  December 05, 2007, 09:40:18 pm
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First off, to the creator of my favorite mugen character ever (evil ryu), may you rest in peace....

Guys, i'm back. They shutdown my websiste, i got a harddrive failure taking away so much work on K'oss, but i'm back where I stood. Nothing will stop me from finishing him.

That said, i'm doing pretty good with the sprites. I decided to chase my ambitious dreams of the 6 different K'oss (hahaha, kinda like 6 paths to pain) and the sprites are coming out better then i could have imangined.

At the same time, there coming out slower then i could have imagined. Maybe the task is a little daunting, converting K to K'oss and keeping it consistent. But I decided to make it easer.

If anyone will get on board for this spriting job, i only have you perform the easy, but repetitive task of color changing. I'll leave the custom animations, hair, and weapons to myself. Not only that, I'll share with you ALL my creations, only if you promise not to post them online.

If you don't know who k'oss is, go youtube or something. He's at v.74 right now. And thanks to laxxe/zeckle, he has palettes!

Contact me through PM if u can.

-If you can give advice, good.
-If you can code, Impressive.
-If you can edit sprites, Even better
-If you can edit sprites, E-mail me, NOW