Need help with a char. (Arcueid by kuro) (Read 4447 times)

Started by DunBanMe, December 22, 2007, 05:33:40 am
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Need help with a char. (Arcueid by kuro)
#1  December 22, 2007, 05:33:40 am
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First of all, im not sure if this belongs in this section, i hope i dont get flamed if not.

Well, i think everyone (obviously, who knows this arcueid) knows what im going to ask, but anyway
There are 3 ways (as far as i know) to trigger War/Red/Dark -cueid mode
-Limited time w/ increasing power gauge (common one, "install" command when the special bar is red or rainbow)
-Limited time+ w/ unlimited power gauge
-Unlimited time w/ unlimited power gauge (the one that is AI-only... i think so)

My question is about the second one, i managed to pull it a few times but never knew HOW, anyone knows?
Thanks anyways.

PD1: Also wanted to ask ┬┐what are the exact conditions to trigger the special Arc-Drive? (the one with arcueid dressed as a princess, pulled it a lot of times, still dont know HOW)
PD2: Thanks again (not for answering, but for keeping MUGEN alive)