Superman vs Goku Epic Battle (Read 3890 times)

Started by cousin972, January 06, 2016, 02:12:02 pm
Superman vs Goku Epic Battle
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hello I share you my trailer Superman vs Goku Epic Battle

Re: Superman vs Goku Epic Battle
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Gave up after five minutes (I think that's barely half of it), which is way too long for a "trailer." So you're just mashing clips from the two movies together? Goku flying into that "Kamehameha" looked so bad because the angle and color change depending on whether we're seeing the blast from Goku's perspective (blue at a 45 degree angle) or Supes' (white at a 90 degree angle).

I will say Superman saying "FIGHT ME KAKAROTT" in Vegeta's voice made me crack up way more than it should have.