which should I make :egypt: (Read 3987 times)

Started by the mummy, December 09, 2007, 11:04:38 am
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which should I make :egypt:
#1  December 09, 2007, 11:04:38 am
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 as of right now, my Indiana Jones character is about 98% done, I only have one super left to code and hes done.
I have two other chars. that I have been considering making

Tim Allen......

or King Leonidas from 300......

with Tim Allen, I could get sprites from the snes home improvement  game, and his moves could be inspired by his terrible movies. shaggy dog, wild hogs, zoom,
the list goes on and on. but Leonidas.... I would much prefer his all out badassery, to Tims shaggy-dogging-motorcycle-riding-home-improving antics.
the problem however, is that I cant find sprites to use fer Leonidas.
all I ask is for ideas on sprites for Leonidas, and suggestions on which you guys think I should make
I really don't wanna make Tim, but this sound makes it seem pretty tempting 

think of that sound every time you do a super...:egypt: