A Naruto based forum utilizing mugen (Read 935 times)

Started by City, December 31, 2009, 10:47:28 pm
A Naruto based forum utilizing mugen
#1  December 31, 2009, 10:47:28 pm
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Ok I cant go into much detail im sorry.

Its a preety original idea(to me atleast) and Im looking for a few people interested in administration a Naruto Mugen Forum.

This forum will resemble no other and will be something that might be hard to become apart of.

**Note**This will be sort of a forum/Mugen based game that requires some admin to keep things inline.

Our admin squad list is at 0.
So to fill this up allow me to state what the forum will require so that if your skilled in these fields and are looking for a new Naruto experience you can apply for admin.

A)People with great Naruto knowledge
B)Coders to help with attacks(Cooler more awesome detail about it given to those whom apply)
C)Spriters to help make some body parts and some weapons
D)Website devs for back up support
E)Idea, opinion givers

This community rarely cares about Naruto...And folks I do understand... But for those who would like to join this project and possibly make a cool forum based mugen game....Plz IM me asap

Plz also look at A) - E)  and see if you can bring any of that to the table..
If you cant then plz jon our forum to see our progress and await its completion, as we really need Coders Spriters and web devs to help get the ball rolling at this point...

The website is already indevelopement but the need of a web dev slows me down on it....SO plz anyone with those skills who are willing to join this projet plz im me..

~Thank you for your attention


Re: A Naruto based forum utilizing mugen
#2  January 05, 2010, 10:32:39 am
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No more disrespectful flaming in this thread.

Good luck with your forum. I suggest that you don't get trolled by your users as easily as you might users get to you.

In the future if you have a problem report it, don't flame people. Thank you.

And once again, good luck with your forum.