IWBTG: The Movie: The Game: The 2D-Fighter (Read 1278 times)

Started by fhqwhgads7, December 31, 2009, 07:37:04 am
IWBTG: The Movie: The Game: The 2D-Fighter
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What am I talking about? Pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a MUGENized version of I Wanna Be the Guy. What else did you expect from the same guy who made The Kid?
And yes, I do have a general outline of what I want to make of this idea.

On the select screen, there would be six selectable "characters:" all of them different difficulties of The Kid (those difficulties being Medium through Impossible, plus soon-to-be-added "Source Accurate" and "fhqwhgads7 hates you" difficulties), complete with distinguishable icons and portraits. Non-selectable characters would be hidden off-screen and include the actual bosses to be fought in Arcade mode (Listed at the bottom), which would basically be a boss rush type of game.
For VS mode, since only different difficulties of The Kid would be selectable, I plan on giving him actual HP in the very likely event he is pitted against himself. He'll still die in one hit against the unplayable bosses.
Team Arcade mode would be the same as regular Arcade Mode, just without The Guy or any other bosses that aren't team players by any means (Both real versions of Giygas, for example, not that I know if either will be in the game). Or a two player regular Arcade Mode if you have any friends as suicidal as you.
As for the life bars, screen packs, stages, and all that good stuff, you can expect something very similar to what you found in IWBTG. Same type of menu, stages from the source game, etc. etc.

The only real help I need apart from a bunch of MUGEN docs is in selecting the different bosses available to fight. I know three that I'll definitely add, and I have some other ideas of who to include, but if you wanna give me your character to do with as I please make a suggestion of your own, then go right ahead.

Definite Bosses:
The Guy (Should I make him source accurate or should I sprite-swap him with somebody made of awesomeness?)
Dracula (Complete with Delicious Fruit Danmaku and flaming meteors mini-moons)
Mike Tyson (He'll be huge and in the background)
Mecha Birdo (Less Birdo-ish and more Ikaruga-ish)

Other Ideas for Bosses that I have but don't know how to implement:
Koopa Clown Car Trio
The Moon Dragon Devil THE MOON
Maybe Mother Brain

Non-OP Suggestions:
(None yet, since I just posted this topic)


That basically covers what's going on in my brain at the moment. Any questions? Ask away.

EDIT: Wow, not a lot of views. I'll just get started on this madness.
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