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Started by Lost_Avenger, September 24, 2015, 07:09:24 am
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Feature tweaks
#1  September 24, 2015, 07:09:24 am
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So I'm considering adjusting some stuff in the future. The only one that may get done soon is the cc change.

-Custom combos are replaced by Jam combos. Its mostly just a name change, but the new advantage of a jam combo is that you can super cancel into it. This would potentially allow unsafe moves to become safer or allow you to extend a block string. The downside being that it would mostly be a defensive tool or for style points since the dampener won't reset.
-crouch penalties. I already use this in the newer X system. When you use an attack on a crouching enemy, it gains an additional frame of hitstun and blockstun. Chun-Li already has this on her s.HK
-Additional properties on counter hit. This would allow certain moves additional properties on counter hit. This was pretty common in X Tekken, but it was also used in Ultra(Gen's c.HP iirc). In X, you can jump cancel Cammy's cl.HK on counter hit(cl.HK is also a float juggle on counter hit. This allows just about any follow up in the air, even a throw).
-Moves with unique penalties being negated by Jam combos. This really only affects a couple characters, but it would negate certain harmful self effects on moves used in jam combos. Haggar's lariot for instance deals 10% of his current health to himself as recoverable damage. This heals over time if you don't get hit. Jam combos would instantly heal this and would prevent this if you used Lariot during a jam combo. Additionally, canceling lariot into jam would also negate the harmful effect. This is a rare case.
-Increasing the chip damage on specials from 1/7 to 1/4. This was meant to be added by now.
-Scaling stun damage with the dampener used for combos. As of right now, this isn't in the system and stuns are pretty common because of it.
-Safe falls during throws and stun damage during throws. Right now, I've already started adding the techable landings. The stun thing was originally in, but removed before the first releases.

That's all I can think of ATM. As an apology for the late release, I'm pushing the release date back and adding another character. Possibly 2. The release date isn't set yet, but the intended character is. I apologize for the delay.

thanks again Vans/Jesuszilla!