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Started by Lost_Avenger, April 28, 2013, 07:28:42 pm
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#1  April 28, 2013, 07:28:42 pm
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Name: Guy
Hp: 1000(below average)
Stun: 70(below average)
Progress: Up to supers
Dash type: Run

-------(Move list)-------
Hozanto (S)

command = qcb+p
notes: Upper body invincible(passes under most projectiles). Only the lp version can be comboed into. Its also a juggle-able move. EX is faster, and can juggle off of a lot of moves.

Bushin Senpukyaku

command = qcb+k
notes: input determines vel and hit count. Hk version only hits aerial enemies. Lk and mk have invincibility on start up. EX has more hits.


notes: Pressing buttons during the run triggers the other parts of the move. Lk stops him, mk is his shadow kick(hits low), hk is his neck flip(hits high). EX has some armor. EX shadow kick is projectile immune. Shadow Kick can be super canceled.

Bushin Flip

command = qcf+p
notes: Input determines vel. Pressing any punch causes the elbow drop or the grab depending on your range. EX has homing properties.

Bushin Hasoken

command = 2qcf+p
notes: If the first hit misses, the move ends. Input determines the hit count. It can combo off of several moves.

Bushin Goraikyaku
command = 2qcf+k
notes: Input determines your hit count.

Bushin Muso Renge
command = 2hcb+p
notes: Level 3 only. Command grab.

Additional notes:
Target combo:
mp,hp(can be canceled)
Final Fight combo:
lp,mp,hp,hk/d.Hk(juggles into certain moves)
DF+Hk -> HK(Ninja Sickle). The second hit can juggle.
Neutral Jumping Hk can juggle also.

Sample combos:
- = link
, = chain/rapid fire
xx = cancel(special/super)
s.lp - - - s.lp -
TC xx Lp hozanto
Cl.hp - lp hozanto xx bushin hasoken
FF chain - bushin Senpukyaku
(Corner) HP Hozanto - ex hozanto
(Mid screen) FF Chain - ex hozanto
jump in - - TC xx run, Shadow kick
Jump in - - FF chain - (ex hozanto/xx Bushin Hasoken) - TC xx lp hozanto xx Bushin Hasoken
jump in - - TC xx lp hozanto

thanks again Vans/Jesuszilla!
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Re: Guy
#2  April 29, 2013, 09:00:57 am
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Very interesting and, IMO, creative of your modification of Guy's Hayagake/Run for this game. Despite its now simpler FF command, it retains the classic Alpha/Zero style with the programmed follow-up states per respective button inputs during mid-run.

It also kind of gives him a unique touch from the rest of the roster.
Re: Guy
#3  April 29, 2013, 08:14:43 pm
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He has some of his AE gameplay. That's where I got the run idea from. Plus it just felt better that way.
Ive started adding sample combos in my character topics. Ive tried to set it up to be in a similar format to the trials in SSF4, but these are pretty easy. It some of them arent possible, let me know. Most of them were from memory

     Posted: September 05, 2013, 05:29:58 pm
I decided to make his air throw a command special. So it can be exed. Ex has more range and damage. Ive made a lot of small changes as well.

thanks again Vans/Jesuszilla!
Re: Guy
#4  October 23, 2013, 06:03:32 pm
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Supers, intros/win poses and some small AI tweaks done. He still has some system stuff to add, testing, AI, and win quotes left

thanks again Vans/Jesuszilla!
Re: Guy
#5  June 17, 2014, 04:02:33 pm
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Oops. Found issues so here are some update notes:
-guard crush wasn't properly added. my bad
-fixed several stun values. did 26! Now its 12
-TC recovery increased by 5 frames. Hit data is the same. Clsn extended hitvel slightly reduced. Same for c.hp.
-c.hp - TC is possible on some characters now
-TC xx mp hozanto is now possible
-Sudden stop recovery reduced
-Bushin Flip -Elbow Drop has a longer hittime and 1 tick less recovery start up reduced by a tick

thanks again Vans/Jesuszilla!