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Started by krudelu, December 05, 2018, 08:17:33 pm
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KOFM LV2 "RE-balanced" version 0.1 release by Krudelu
New #1  December 05, 2018, 08:17:33 pm
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I decided to go by version number this time to indicate how much progress did I made on editing the characters in the entire roster. Also, I decided to make a separate release thread rather than continuing it in my alpha release. Also, I'll now start posting the updates in the future in this one thread.

This is my personal take on how will it be if the full game gets a "rebalance"

Version 0.1 Release Video and Rock Demo

Video on Damage Values for this edited version

While doing this remake/rebalance, I'll try to fix bugs that I run across as well as I progress with the future updates.


If you're not a fan of KOFM style, still feel free to give it a try and check the general gameplay changes  :)

This is version 0.1, which can be considered as an update from the last release

Movelist folder, credits, and readme are included in the game folder so please check them out

This edited version uses Gui Santos's version of KOFM LV 2 called KOFM Level 2.1, which is basically edited from KOFM Level 2 version "5.0," as a base.

The following characters will not be playable in the roster as the roster update goes:
   -Orochi Iori (Was available in KOFM 2.1)
   -Iori Clone09
   -Kyo Clone10
   -Puppet Yukino

While these bosses are not playable, their damage and other things will need to be "rebalanced" before they get implemented as the full game's bosses

As this edited full game gets updates, characters will be added until it almost have the characters from the original roster. On top of that, there might be extra characters of my choice that may be added in the future.
General gameplay changes in this "RE-balanced" version

Life value is changed to at average of 1000 compared to the original 2000 life value

Power: Maximum is increased to 5000, meaning 5 Bars
-Power charging will be taken out
-Power gain on moves adjusted

NEW: Now will include SDM to Hyper DM cancel.

Air block/guard disabled just like KOF games past 98 at least

Some motion will be changed to some moves especially to the moves with unnecessary raging demon motions
   -SDM will now have to press pp or kk while Hyper DMs will require to press C at the end of the motion

Most moves will have modified pushback on hit and block midscreen and corner.

Damage on moves will be modified based on life average of 1000
  -Meaning that at least most moves' damage will get some increase and decrease compared to the original
  -Most DMs may get damage decrease

Recovery roll/Safe Landing: Can only recover from recoverable fall backwards just like the original KOF games as opposed to being able to recovery roll forward in KOFM and (from)XI

Due to the original KOFM having a lot of ridiculously plus on frame advantage in terms of on-hit and on-block, they'll be adjusted based on most KOF games.
  -Liberties might be taken but the frame advantage will have some basis compared to the original games
  -May need to increase a little bit of hitstun compared to the original games to retain some combos that are doable in KOFM level 2. But the move will still retain it's guardstun

Hitboxes may get adjusted when necessary (like when there's too many collision boxes in a frame)

Some properties on some moves will be reworked

Some moves may get taken out depending on the balance needs:
-Some DM's would get taken especially the ones that is oversaturated with them:
   -Characters would at least have these at average:
   1-3 Desperation Move (Level 1 Super)
   1-3 Super Desperation Move (Level 2 Super)
   1 Hyper Desperation Move (Level 3 Super)
    Any more than these would be a special case
-"Hyper Available" warning/announcement will be taken out now that characters would only have one Hyper Desperation Move (Level 3 Super) and they can be performed at any life value as long as the player have 3 levels of power bar (3000 power)

Some far normals that are not be able to cancel into special moves would at least now be able to cancel into Desperation Moves. However, the damage reduction would be greater.
What is "KOFM Style?
"KOFM style," as how I see it or in my opinion, is a KOF style for MUGEN created by Zelgadis. The style is mostly based on XI but this time super cancels and dream cancels can be done anytime as long as the player have the meter for their supers as opposed to XI where it requires to have to use a separate gauge called "skill bar" in order to perform super cancels and dream cancels. Fast forward to today's time, it can be described now something like "KOF XIV without MAX mode" even though this style came out first before KOF XIV.

Another notable feature in this style is that characters can charge their power bar just like KOF 94-96 and the Extra mode from 97-98.

Characters in this style tends to have the live value of 2000+ and high damage output (when comparing to characters that have 1000 life value).
Why decide to edit this full game?
Personally, while the original full game have some "iffy stuff" here and there, this is one of the KOF MUGEN full games out there that I end up enjoying a lot despite the "iffy stuff". Also, I ended up enjoying the game back 6-7 years ago because of it's fairly straightforward style, which is why I end up liking it's simplicity. Now that I found the unmoleboxed game months ago, I decided to give it my personal "rebalance" or edit.
Why not wait for version 6.0 before the rebalance?
This version is just my personal take on how would it be like if the game is rebalanced while making the 3v3 to 4v4 turn gameplay more emphasized. Also, I have plans on adding some extra characters of my choice if I get to that point (and this will include including characters that should have been in the roster imo (like Daimon or King)) and given how version 6.0 would have new features (announcer calling participant names is one of the things to note of), adding new characters may be hard.
What's the goal and why decide to rebalance?
My goal is to make rebalances to make it as player vs player viable as possible. The rebalances would most likely try to gear more towards player vs player than vs AIs.

What needs to be done
-AI adjustment (I'm not that good at coding AIs yet so it might take a while before I can get to it)
Credits to Zelgadis for creating the original KOFM LV2 back in 2011, Gui Santos for KOFM 2.1, and SNK for creating the KOF franchise. For more information for credits, check the credits notepad in the game folder.

NOTE: Please do not mistake this for being version 6.0 (for some just in case). Please treat this as another version.

Also note that I'm not associated or have no affiliation with Memorial Team Games/Zelgadis or anything but still credits to them for making the game

Please feel free to post feedback and thoughts on how well I tried to execute these changes
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Re: KOFM LV2 "RE-balanced" version 0.1 release by Krudelu
#2  December 05, 2018, 08:19:23 pm
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Version 0.1
======================Update <12-05-2018>======================

-Rock Howard

-Philantrophy Belfry -Shower-

-Roll: fixed where it can be done from a crouching stance. It can now only be done as long as it's not in crouching stance.

-Displaynames in the lifebar usually now include their first names only

-getpower and givepower onn block reworked:
   -getpower on block: x0.6 the getpower value on hit
   -givepower on block: x1.15 the getpower value on hit

-Fixed a bug on jump afterimage and sound for certain characters

-st. far LP: hitbox vertically decreased upwad (lower side was moved upward to make the hitbox vertically smaller an miss on most crouching opponent)
-st. far HP:
   -recovery frames increased
   -hitstun and guardstun adjusted to keep the same frame advantages after the recovery frame increase
-st. far HK: Guard pushback distance decreased
-st. close HP: Hitstun decreased and guardstun increased (Still greater frame advantage on hit compared to on guard)
-cr. LK: pushback distance increased
-HP 100 Shiki: Oniyaki: 1st hit air juggle height decreased
-LK 75 Shiki Kai: damage increase
-Aerial R.E.D. Kick:
   -Landing recovery increased
   -Guardstun decreased
   -Guard pushback decreased
-202 Shiki: Kototsuki You: guardstun decreased
-114 Shiki: Aragami:
   -Auto-Guard frames reduced
   -Auto guard frames only appear as Kyo steps forward with this move
   -Auto-Guard Collision box now only cover the upper part of the body
-115 Shiki: Dokugami:
   -Auto-Guard frames reduced.
   -Auto guard frames only appear as Kyo steps forward with this move
   -Auto-Guard Collision box now only cover the upper part of the body
-Ura 108 Shiki: Orochinagi (Serpent Wave) LV1: Air juggle height decreased
-Saishuu Kessen Ougi "Mu Shiki" level 1: can now super cancel into MAX Mu shiki (Mu Shiki level 2)
-182 Shiki: Fixed the issue when the input for the HK version is more loose compared to the LK version.

-st. far LP:
   -Active frames increased
   -Recovery frames increased
-st. far HK: Guard pushback distance decreased
-LP 100 Shiki: Oniyaki: no more invincibility on startup
-Geshiki: Naraku Otoshi:
   -Hit and guard pushback increased
   -Follou up: Horizontal hitbox size decreased
   -Follou up: Forward movement decreased
-LP 108 Shiki: Yamibarai:
   -Fixed the spriority on LP Yami Barai so the flame wave effect when he swing his arm before popping out the fireball now comes out in front of the sprite than behind him
   -Recovery frames increased
-HP 108 Shiki: Yamibarai: Recovery frames increased
-Aoihana upward: Recovery frames decreased
-212 Shiki: Kototsuki In:
   -Doesn't go for the second hit when blocked anymore
   -Recovery frames increased

-Jump height and distance decreased
-Sousei Kasane Ate Ryuukasumi: Damage increased

-cr. LK: pushback distance increased
-st. far HK:
   -recovery frames increased
   -guardstun increased
-Hien Senpuu Kyaku (Both LK and HK versions): Guard pushback distance decreased
-Ryuuren Gen-ei Kyaku:
   -Only the first hit is unblockable. Last 3 hits are now blockable
   -Cannot be canceled from non-canceled version of Ryuu Hanshuu anymore
-Hien Ryuujin Kyaku: Air juggle height decreased
-Ryuuko Ranbu:
   -Guardstun on block decreased
   -Guard pushback distance decreased
-LV2 Ryuuko Ranbu:
   -Guardstun on block decreased
   -Guard pushback distance decreased
-Hyper Ryuuko Ranbu:
   -Damage increased
   -Guardstun on block decreased
   -Guard pushback distance decreased

-Jump distance decreased
-st. far LP: Hitstun decreased (Still greater frame advantage on hit compared to on guard)
-Moon Slasher: made it more lenient to perform the motion
-LV3 Final Bringer: Now gives some power meter to opponent upon damaging them

-MAX Diamond Edge: recovery frames increased

Why is regular (non-EX version) Rage Run: Dunk doing ground bounce?
Rage Run: Dunk ground bounce was based on it's EX version in KOF XIV. Given how I personally find the regular Rage Run: Dunk to be not as rewarding when it lands, I decided to have it ground bounce so Rock can do more damage by extending from it after successfully landing it on the opponent. However, it's more unsafe just like it's EX version from KOF XIV. Also, Rock gains additional option to extend from his command grab as well.

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Re: KOFM LV2 "RE-balanced" version 0.1 release by Krudelu
#3  December 05, 2018, 10:39:40 pm
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Good luck with this version. I hope Zelgadis approves of this.
Re: KOFM LV2 "RE-balanced" version 0.1 release by Krudelu
#4  December 07, 2018, 09:15:57 pm
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very nice thanks for this!
Re: KOFM LV2 "RE-balanced" version 0.1 release by Krudelu
#5  December 11, 2018, 04:15:36 pm
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Hmm, it's not bad, though most of them still automatically use only level one super meter.
Re: KOFM LV2 "RE-balanced" version 0.1 release by Krudelu
#6  December 12, 2018, 05:47:48 am
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@Uche_of_MFG Thanks. If Zel find this and wanted to use it for his works, I personally don't mind tho

@aznpikachu215 Wait, so you're referring to the AI? Just wanted to make sure.

If so, yeah I'll need to work on their AIs soon and make sure that the times they use their level 1 super is "semi frequent" than automatic.

I may need to get some AI tweaks in by next update. I'll try to work on the AIs little by little as I post updates. Note that I'm not good at coding AIs yet so I'll do it little by little.

Thank you for letting me know about this.

Look forward for the updates in the future.
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Re: KOFM LV2 "RE-balanced" version 0.1 release by Krudelu
#7  January 03, 2019, 12:44:36 pm
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Yeah, they basically use their level 1 all the time.
Re: KOFM LV2 "RE-balanced" version 0.1 release by Krudelu
#8  May 17, 2019, 05:07:10 pm
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Just found this recently....

at 1:41
It seems that when it comes to Rock's bug that allow him to move at the beginning of the round, while I may have seemed to fix what used to trigger it especially on the player side and how easier it used to, Rock moving at the beginning of the round can still be triggered by the AI. I'll see and try to fix it before the next update and hope that the bug gets fixed for good.

I'll just have this up here as a reminder for myself
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Re: KOFM LV2 "RE-balanced" version 0.1 release by Krudelu
#9  May 20, 2019, 01:37:03 am
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Oh man... Finally, this is neat, Thanks man.
Re: KOFM LV2 "RE-balanced" version 0.1 release by Krudelu
New #10  May 24, 2019, 04:32:11 am
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Just going to make a tally of must-do's here at the moment so I can try to get them done by the next update:
-Fix Rock moving at the beginning of the round AI bug.
-Rework dream cancel so th way they work becomes more faithful to the original games
-Fix Kyo's LV3 during on hold, where it shouldn't keep juggling opponents during on hold.

I'll be updating this as people or me myself find issues
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