Here are some features mugen can use. (Read 684 times)

Started by Jill Val, October 17, 2009, 05:28:18 am
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Here are some features mugen can use.
#1  October 17, 2009, 05:28:18 am
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1. Tag Team - 2v2 or 3vs3, I perfer 3 vs 3 - No need to be specific it what it is. It has been asked for a 1000 so I'm pretty sure the mugen team played Marvel vs Capcom 2 at least once.But see A&B&C&D below for the Tag Team Mode's most important backbone.


Mugen really does need a better juggle system, especially for vs style characters. I swear there are zero vs style characters when it comes to solid coding. Sorry, but damn, not one vs character comes halfway to the actual game, mainly from the juggle system. Hey I enjoy mugen and all for laughs, but seriously, for a tournament player perpective, mugen's juggle system is a joke, and that's why its not played competitively.



 this one is for single mode, when fighting alone, you can choose a special character to help, the characters can be added into the screenpack and help you whenever you call them, to call then in Marvel Vs Capcom, and the character you are using can do a taunt you chose for him while making him, in Marvel Vs Capcom, Morrigan's taunt it's she pointing to the enemy, oh, the opponent can also hit the helper to prevent him from attacking, also, for screenpack settings, there can be a limit of how many times you call the helper or no limit, you can call how many times you want to

This will be a great Idea for both Single, and Tag Mode. Also, I think For a Marvel vs Capcom screenpack the button config should be optional to users that want the marvel vs capcom 2 button layout. Like instead of calling assist with mp+mk, users can call assist out with assists c or Z buttons instead. Same goes for tagging in and team supers.

Also, For the assist, it should be a section in the character maker where for the assist's character sprites and attacks can be made for the assist feature alone and and under it should be the button command you will have to whole down on select screen.And after assist 1 is picked, the assist selection should pop up once more for  button for assist 2.

Remember, this is only sprites and attacks for the assist alone, so the character will not have the use of being pick for gameplay. One more thing, the assist slots should be at least 20 or so like mvc's,can't remember.

But I so like this idea for single and tag mode because it's more easier then having to program assist types and such, although snap out should still be in.

This is what I'm talking about 0:18 - :20


A menu window.
If a player hits start during the match a menu pops up and if give the player options like this. (Continue, Button config, Command List, Change Character, Exit to Main Menu


Win Streak
When ever someone wins, it keeps count in above P1 or P2, depends who is winning.


Customization for Main Screen and Option

In MUGEN, the Main Screen is just the same crap in every screenpack that you just scrolls down and up to choose what you want, that's very lame in my opinion, there should be a way to make it customized and make it like Capcom Vs Snk 2, you can move right, left, up and down, also the options needs to have a customization way too


Zoom In/Out depending on stage and distance between characters ( And a why to customize the distance)
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Re: Here are some features mugen can use.
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