List of tools to make good stages. (Read 1621 times)

Started by JeanBureau, December 10, 2011, 12:48:22 am
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List of tools to make good stages.
#1  December 10, 2011, 12:48:22 am
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Hi people.

If you read this I assume you belong to those who are interested in creating stages...

Stages are made of 3 things : Imagination + Coding ability + Materials to work with.

Imagination : I can't help you with that :)
Materials : Don't have the sprites you want ? Making them can be done with the right tools.
Coding : -----> Cybaster's tutorial

I'll try here to tell you what tool I use personally because I would really like to see new creations (stages) that surprises me, aside from those made by the old and experienced creators.
Maybe this topic will be useless because you are lazy bastards or just big leechers :)  hahah, but for people frustrated to lack materials (sprites) to create what they have in mind, this list might help you a lot.


list of software :

- Paintshop Pro OR Photoshop : YOU NEED one of these if you want to work properly.

- Squirlz : Free software that allows you to create awesome looking water reflection, simple to use, very convincing.

- Particle Illusion 3 : This software helps you create almost ANY effects you want. It's fucking amazing and easy to use. I used it for many of my recent stages :
Particle Illusionwill generate a video with the animation you just created with the software.

- Animation Shop OR virtualDubMod
: Necessary as well to turn a video into a sequence of image that will become sprites.

- Fighter Factory : Obviously...

- Any video making software :Why ? Because particle illusion has one big fuckin flaw - the animations created do not loop properly so you need to crossfade 2 videos of the animation to make the whole shit loop nicely :)
I personally use Vegas Pro 9


There we go. If you have all the tools mentionned up there, like I do, you have what it takes to create great stages.

If not, well... good luck with microsoft paint.  :-X

My stages exhibition

Find them at:;dl=cat294

You are free to use the materials in the stages I released before 2014. Credits are always appreciated.
Re: List of tools to make good stages.
#2  December 10, 2011, 05:24:01 am
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this is very helpful...theis tools are just what i need to mke my soul calibur 3 stages for my soul calibur 3  mugen project  ;D