ok ' PleASE HELP ME!!. envolves Batman Vengence pc game (Read 913 times)

Started by twistedmugen, September 24, 2008, 08:16:26 pm
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ok ' PleASE HELP ME!!. envolves Batman Vengence pc game
#1  September 24, 2008, 08:16:26 pm
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Is it possible to Take the sprite of that batman and
use him in mugen with all his Moves?

like decode it or something. iTS not very good graphics
its like 2D or something so it should be possible.

also anyone willing to help me on my

Gothom City.Vs Marvel Project?

so far i have created

On Gothom city heroes

Poison Ivy


Killer croc
Bat girl
Batman Beyond
Harvey Dent/twoface

Marvel heroes
Have Flash
green lantern


Hawk Girl
Green Arrow
Black Panther
Fantastic 4 all of them
Ghost Rider

any one willing to help me on this project?

things i want for my charectors}

Batman uniq Defensive combat moves}such as Combo punching following up a Cool kick'
it could be 1 of his Hyper's

2 Batman has to beable to Gulide Kick to the face

3 like a recent batman with the grapplehook move'} instead'
 it should be like spiderman's Web swing with both legs in the air.
 coming crashing down on the opponet. taking the guy down.


he should be able to use them.

1. Air
2. Ground
3. Bommerring} he throws it in the air and it reckashades back to the middle hitting the guy
4. as one of his combos just holding it as a weapon like a knife.


1.Cape crusader} uses his cape in a spin dash move' following up a uppercut

2. Bat from the sky} Disopears from the sky using his grapple hook comes down
    grabes the opponet around his neck lifting him off the ground. all u see is his life going down
    and sounds of him beating the guy up there. Then he tosses him back down.

and if u can think of anything else please let me know?

Grapples. i have a few ideas again Let me know?

Grapple 1 he Mount punches the guy a few times and delivers a headbut. following
a Batman roundhouse kick

Grapple 2 uppercut's the guy in the air batman jumps. then combos the opponet in the air.
be creative

Batcape powers'

1. Sheilds Fire
2. Ice.
3 And bullets due alittle bit of damage compared to other's

only whille in Cape Crusader will these actions be in effect.

Model im going for iether a Completely new sprite of batman
or Batman Vengence. pc game

Decideing who helps me it will make that decision alittle more easy.
The reason i didnt list the others is i would like to do one at a time
Starting off with Batman.

Thanks for reading and I hope Someone will help me on this project.

Ps; I have all the requires/software/programs to do this

Re: ok ' PleASE HELP ME!!. envolves Batman Vengence pc game
#2  September 27, 2008, 10:53:36 pm
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Is it possible to Take the sprite of that batman and
use him in mugen with all his Moves?
Yeah, you can take any type of resource that your computer reads.  Just some things are harder to extract than others.

Many people risk their lives everyday by having Mugen.