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Started by HeadShot, April 06, 2010, 01:08:21 am
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I want to learn how to make a Mugen character, I want to learn animation and I want to learn how to use Flash. I can learn all of that by spriting my character in Flash, and a ball with a face is a good starting project.

I had a bit of an internal laugh with that idea, but when I started thinking mre about it, making a character that's basically a bouncing ball was too hilarious to pass up.

My plan is to have a control scheme sililar to Guilty Gear, but instead of weapon and weaponless attacks it'll be elemental and non-elemental attacks. I already have some sketches of the basic attacks and some concepts for specials and supers.


Sonicboom - Your usual go to projectile. I thought of having it as a charge motion to have people go "I see what you did there", but I think Electrode is going to be a very mobile character, and so I decided to use QCF instead. And since I'm using a Guilty Gear-esque model, it'll probably have an air version too and charge motions + air specials = not good.

Rollout - Electrode crosses the stage rolling full speed ahead and deals damage on collision.

Spark - Electrode dashes a short distance forward, envelloped in lightning.


Charge Beam - Beam type projectile that covers the whole screen horizontally.

Swift - Throws many small projectiles with low damage. More damaging than Charge Beam is all stars hit, but less safe and very vulnerable if jumped over.

Shock Wave - Basically a huge hitbox around Electrode. Very high knockback. It's a reversal.

Explosion - It just wouldn't be Electrode without it. I don't know what the conditions will be for it to be avaliable, but it deals massive damage and leaves Electrode with 1 HP if it hits, but knocks him out if it whiffs.

As it's my first character, it's going to be very simple in its first release, but I intend to revisit it after I get more experience, and eventually give it an Order Sol-esque gimmick. It just feels right for Electrode.
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