My personal MUGEN Char - Corazon Renvalt AKA Corazon (Read 825 times)

Started by Corazon, November 05, 2010, 02:53:25 pm
My personal MUGEN Char - Corazon Renvalt AKA Corazon
#1  November 05, 2010, 02:53:25 pm
I know a ton of you are going to bash me for only providing ONE sprite, but I'm working right now on this character's standing pose.

And, unlike other newbies I tend to see here, I am going to do the following:

A)Stick with my project (it's how I'm representing myself as a fighting game character - or my avatar, rather)
B)Be providing self-voiced sound clips for criticism - and advice (Note: Because I don't speak any other languages, his dialogue will be in English)
C)Will at least try to narrow down possible theme songs or synthesize my own (through use of a music generator, though - I'm tone deaf in making music from scratch)

Anyways, said sprite in question:

A couple of things I think you'll notice I did to this sprite:

1)I used a Kyoko base, with a Malin head.
2)Cut the hair of Malin, making it shorter.
3)Made the iris of the head bigger (by adding two shades of red to the eye)
4)Removed the gold emblem and first white thread line.
5)Made the jacket and pants darker - MUCH darker.


Now, regarding sound clips: if I didn't provide a few samples, I'd be half-baking it, so here's some for your enjoyment (or cringing/embarassment)

Download them here

Give me your opinion on which you think fits/sounds cooler/etc. I'll do more based on that if I can.


Finally, regarding this guy's main theme - I know plenty of you would say "Pick what you feel looks good" - however, I unfortunately would like the character and song to flow well together.

That being said, I do have a few choices (going for a KOF-type feel here) that I'm considering:
Virtua Quest - Blue Impact

Virtua Quest - Main Server Battle (I sorta feel like this has a slight trace of the beat from either the songs of K' or Ash Crimson - could be my imagination, though).

Virtua Quest - Curio City Battle Theme

Since there's no real sprite animation to flow with, which do you think'd go well with the looks or sound clips?

Just trying to get some ideas going here.

Anyways - I'll keep this post updated as much - and as quickly - as I can.

EDIT - Added his standing animation to the post. Note that I'm not aware of how to control the speed on that, so he'll be much faster than his Mugen counterpart.
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Re: My personal MUGEN Char - Corazon Renvalt AKA Corazon
#2  November 05, 2010, 05:18:36 pm
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There's no need to worry about searching for a music theme for this character. First worry about planning your gameplay, what moves you're planning to add, what sprites you'll need, etc.
Re: My personal MUGEN Char - Corazon Renvalt AKA Corazon
#3  November 05, 2010, 05:41:55 pm
Well, for this character, I'm thinking about a setup like this:

1)His playstyle would revolve around the basics. Less specials, and absolutely no flashy fireball style stuff.
2)He would only have 3 specials and a DM
  a)His three specials would be bound to three keys - Punch, Kick, and Throw (which would be A, B, and C respectively).
4)His punch special would be a flying dash punch type of deal similar to Chris's superspeed dash special, but with an open palm, and he never leaves the ground.
5)His kick special would be a repeated flurry of kicks, similar to Chun Li's rapid fire kick.
6)His throw special would simply be meant to counter - a move VERY similar, if not identical, to Geese's counter-throw in Fatal Fury (whenever you attack, he'd grab you and throw you behind him)
  a)If you somehow land this counter-throw, you can do a QCB+A to follow-up with a punch towards the target while they're still down - similar to Ralf's throw-followup, but done differently.
7)His DM would be very similar, if not identical, to Adelheid's full-screen throw DM - the one where he zooms across the screen, and if he grabs something, he takes it to the other end of the screen and rams it for heavy damage. The only difference I'd see is the speed and damage - it'd do about 30% less than Adelheid's normally does (rounded up) but also go 1.5x faster.

This is what I'd prefer. Also, for the sake of simplicity, I would prefer to design this character with the first Fatal Fury's command set in mind (One Punch, One Kick, and One Throw, with a Close and Far version for the first two).
Re: My personal MUGEN Char - Corazon Renvalt AKA Corazon
#4  November 07, 2010, 10:01:36 pm
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Id suggest using this stance instead.

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Re: My personal MUGEN Char - Corazon Renvalt AKA Corazon
#5  November 09, 2010, 11:48:17 am
That actually looks godly. Slight problem however:

That stance possesses breasts - a feature I haven't flawlessly learned to edit out.

Corazon's a guy; he don't have breasts. But still, the stance is godly; thanks.

Also, I did a crap job doing that animation from scratch - proof I'm not quite ready to do freehand edits JUST yet.

Additionally, for the kick special, an amendment to that would be a flying kick where, if it lands, it starts the chaingun kick sequence (similar to Robert's kicking special from KOF I believe).

I know I said he wouldn't have projectiles before, but I lied. Sort of. He gets one projectile - his hardest move to pull off. It would be very similar to Terry's Power Geyser.

I know I can AT least pull finishing touches on these sprites (like head swapping, color adjustment, and such). I can make the character without help other than simple advice; but knowing how to make the animations to go along with this, that's going to take tons of effort.
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Re: My personal MUGEN Char - Corazon Renvalt AKA Corazon
#6  November 09, 2010, 09:48:06 pm
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Didnt know corozon was a guy.

I might be able to edit the breats out.

Ill try later today.
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Re: My personal MUGEN Char - Corazon Renvalt AKA Corazon
#7  November 22, 2010, 10:52:28 pm
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The leg animation in Corazon's stance isn't actually too bad, it's just his torso that looks a little jerky.
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