The Seadragon Style Characters Project  (Read 801 times)

Started by Seadragon77, September 04, 2015, 06:30:50 am
The Seadragon Style Characters Project
#1  September 04, 2015, 06:30:50 am
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If there something I've always wanted to do with MUGEN since starting it was to actually make a character or two... well, I watched a video recently (and even did a battle) involving Joey Faust's characters from Bloodstorm and Time Killers.

It came to my attention that pure 100% accurate game play of the characters from both games isn't possible at all, so I thought to myself 'Well, not all characters are made to be source accurate. Why not try to combine elements from the game and ideas from other games?'

And so, Seadragon Style is born. What is it? Well, it's a blueprint of what these characters will have.

Game Play
-These characters will be 5 button characters, like how their base game was. Each side would have a Left and Right Arm and a Left and Right Leg attack. The only difference is that those from Time Killers will have their fifth button for 'Head' attacks while those from Bloodstorm will have their fifth button be a block button (reason being that Bloodstorm was pretty much trying to imitate Mortal Kombat in every way shape and form)
-Most of the character moves will be retained depending on what works and what doesn't.
-Certain moves will get moved around. For example, certain finishers from Bloodstorm (like Tempest's 'Exorcism' and Hellhound's 'Char Dog') would be turned into super moves. 'Exorcism' would be similar to Ghost Rider's Penace Stare while 'Char Dog' would be similar to a MK styled X-Ray attack
-Finishers? Yes... these games had finishers, so why not do that? Thing is, some of the moves will be moved, so there needs to be original ideas to replace them.

-All the sprite work is there... why not just take it from Joey Faust's characters and go from there.

The problem? Well, I cannot code at all. I've always seen myself as a MUGEN player, not a coder or content creator. But, I want to try and create something that people will like and add to their rosters. Of course, this is why it's in the Idea Engineering section and not the actual work area. What I hope for is to get this project off the ground and create at least two characters to start with and to test the style, if you will.