Bitmap font works in main menu, not as ? (Read 447 times)

Started by MKImc7r, February 12, 2019, 10:00:03 pm
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Bitmap font works in main menu, not as ?
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Hi, I created a font that uses chars 33 onward from ascii table, so my sprites are 0,33 0,34 etc. I have the def file of the font and the SFF, as I said if I used it to replace the Main Menu items as !, #, $ chars, it works. But I can't get the font to show up at all after selecting characters in Practice mode or whichever:

stage.pos = 640, 720 = 2, 0, 0
stage.active2.font = 2, 0, 0
stage.done.font = 2, 0, 0

I use the same position when I tested as main menu items and yes correct font number is used. I almost thought Mugen 1.1 does not like bitmap font for Stage font? And yes I have the name = "" in the stages changed to these symbols. I wonder if it doesn't detect the name of the stage? I read not to use displayname so I use just name=

Then again I have a sprite for Random 'R' and that would be the start of the Stage names but even that does not show, it's 0,82


Apparently never set in the Font's def file a large value in  Size = 1280, 720 even if using such images

[FNT v2]
Name = "My Stages Selection"
FntVersion = 2,00

BankType = sprite
Type = bitmap
File = MyStagesSelection.sff
Offset = 0, 0
Size = 0, 720
Spacing = 0, 0

One note, some image may appear way offset, so even if with such X,Y pos you get some to display properly, others will be half of the screen or showing the next or previous image (even if all your images are the same dimensions) as if they are all on one big movie tape and then you just adjust the separate sprite in the SFF to 640 sometimes to get it right.
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