Who has a copy of KoF Maximum Impact 2? (Read 4636 times)

Started by Slivern, July 09, 2016, 08:33:50 am
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Who has a copy of KoF Maximum Impact 2?
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I don't usually make two topics in such a short span, so I'll try to refrain from doing it often. But I wanted to post this because I was wondering if anyone was willing to get as much reference shots of a Kyo Kusanagi costume as possible. I'm making a sprite edit right now based on Color F of Kyo Kusanagi's outfit in the game (not Kyo Kusanagi Classic), however, as far as references are concerned, I only have this:

I don't own the game (I wanted to years ago!) and my PS2 is currently being fixed right now. So I'm out of luck. I'm asking for reference models because the link above shows the gloves on both Kyo's left and right legs in two different shots, which is problematic since I don't know which side of the pants it typically belongs to. If I have the actual shot of the model from the game however, I'll be able to address this issue and finally finish the sprites.

If you're willing to help, make sure the images are sharp and clear in High Definition. If you have a powerful computer and PCSX2, that would REALLY help, because I would also prefer if the textures are at High Resolution. Unfortunately, I don't have a powerful computer at my disposal.

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