Hi there Mugen Fighters Guild! (Read 1146 times)

Started by @Marvel-aRika@, September 03, 2014, 01:17:15 pm
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Hi there Mugen Fighters Guild!
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Hi there Mugen Fighters Guild!

I am @Marvel-aRika@, and i make redone Hokuto. I went to here, because one Great man told me there are people who i can ask to for spritesheet expansion and they will help me out.

My Hokuto is half ways done, and i making her throws now, but i don't think i will make her back throw. I also need to resolve an issue with new sprites i gave her.

Further explains will be in the Spritesheet Expansion Thread. Or any other thread. I need to think where to ask for spritesheet expansion...
chuchoryu need help, and you can provide it with me! Right now, i stuck on throw update, because i got no sprites on back throw.
Help me out with back throw by providing me sprites it, and you will be gived a credit for that. For further information visit:
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