New to Mugen? Here is everything you need to know to get started. (Read 74613 times)

Started by Shamrock, August 28, 2008, 08:04:16 pm
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New to Mugen? Here is everything you need to know to get started.
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Welcome to the Mugen Community

Mugen is a totally customizable 2d fighting game engine. But you probably already knew that.

The first thing you will need to do is download Mugen. You can find the engine at this site

Mugen has not been updated in years but, there have been a few hacks made. I recommend Mugen Plus because it plays both Hi-res and Low res stages, the only draw back is that it requires that you use a hi-res screen pack and so far there are few to download. If you care more about having several screenpacks to choose from and you don't mind not being able to use hi-res stages then you should download Winmugen unless you are using Dos or Linux of course.


The engine comes with one character Kung Fu Man and it also comes with the default screenpack and lifebars. In other words it has everything you need to get started.

Go ahead and play around with KFM.

Now I already know what your first question is going to be, "How do I make it Fullscreen?"

Well in the mugen folder open the folder called data. In this folder you will find the mugen.cfg file. Open that file with a text editor. (WordPad)

Scrolldown until you find this.

[Video Win]
 ;Enter the width and height of the resolution you want to set here.
 ;The optimal resolution is 320x240, but if your video card has problems
 ;You may want to try 640x480.
Width  = 640
Height = 480
 ;DirectX mode
 ;Choose from Hardware, Software, Windowed, Overlay, Safe and None
 ;Hardware and Software run in full-screen. Windowed and Overlay
 ;run in a window. The windowed modes require you to set Depth to
 ;whatever color depth you are using for you desktop. The best results
 ;are when you run in 16-bit color. There is no advantage to running
 ;in 32-bit color. If Hardware, Software and Windowed fail, try Safe.
 ;None uses GDI to draw, so it's very slow. Use None only if
 ;you cannot get anything else to work.
 ;Overlay is not supported by all video cards, but can be faster than
 ;Windowed if it works.
DXmode = windowed
 ;Set this parameter to 0 to disable screen stretching, and set it to 1 if
 ;you want to scale it up to fit the current resolution.
Stretch = 1

As you can see it's pretty self explanatory so just make your changes and save the file.

Next thing your going to ask is "how do I get my joystick to work".

This one is easy. Start mugen go to options and configure your joysticks. Told ya it was easy.

Now the next question will be how do I get more characters to fight.

Well it's like this you can download other characters made by people in the community from various places. Here is a list of creator websites

Now to install them in mugen. You will need to extract them from whatever kind of zip they are in and then, cut the character's folder and paste in the Mugen Folder named "CHARS" Then you need to open the data folder and open select.def with a text editor.

In the select.def you find Kung Fu Man he will look like this.

KFM, stages/kfm.def

To add the character you just downloaded you would put down that characters name here is an example.

KFM, stages/kfm.def

That's it just save the file and run mugen and your new character should be there.

Now your next question is going to be how do i add stages and how do I assign a stage to a character.

Well just like the character you download extract, but instead of leaving the stage in the folder like you do with the character files, you just paste the stages .def and .sff file right into the stages folder.

Then open select.def and scroll down until you see where it says "extra stages". After this line input the stage as follows.


Now that stage will come up randomly when playing arcade. Buy you also want to know how to assign it to a character. Well it just like this:

KFM, stages/kfm.def
Ryu, stages/ryustage.def.

Now when you fight ryu you will fight him at the ryustage.

Now you want to know how you set the order of the characters you want to fight. Well this gets a little tricky because there are lots of ways you can do this.

At the bottom of the select.def file you will see something like this.

1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,

There should be two of these one for arcade and on for team arcade.

As you can see there are 10 numbers and you can assign 10 different orders to your characters.

The current setting above is for three matches that follow the order 1, 2, and then three and the game is over.

Now lets say you want to fight all your characters randomly but the you want to fight a boss type character at the end. Lets also say you have 10 characters. You can set that like this.

9, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,

This would cause you to fight 9 characters randomly at order 1 and fight 1 boss type at order 2 then the game would be over.

You can set the order all the way up to 10 10 is the limit to the order number.

After you have it the way you want you will need to add the order number to the character and this is how.

KFM, stages/kfm.def, order=1
Ryu, stages/ryustage.def, order=2

This means that you have assigned kfm to fight in order 1 and you set ryu to order 2.

Now this should give you the basics you need. You can probably figure out now how to change screenpack and lifebars and such now on your own. If not got to the Configuration Help section here at the guild and read through other post and if you still can't get it ask in that section.

After hanging out here awhile, you may find that you want to make your characters and content and contribute to the community. I hope you do.

Like I said before welcome and enjoy.
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