Some Random n00b here to get my kick *ssed (Read 430 times)

Started by IoriTxK, September 06, 2012, 08:52:37 am
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Some Random n00b here to get my kick *ssed
#1  September 06, 2012, 08:52:37 am
Hey there; I'm just your everyday fighting game fan that found MUGEN and, being the fighting game fanatic that I am, obviously loves it to death and has a dream of making an SNK vs Capcom MUGEN game (or helping someone make it) one day.

I enjoy playing fighting games, but all the characters I pick end up being cheap in some form of way T_T doesn't get in the way of me enjoying the games tho, and one of my favorite pastime is to try to self-teach myself combos and frame traps or go watch YouTube videos to learn them instead, although I also use YouTube to watch some high-level fighting game matches (which is also one of my hobbies).

A friend showed me his MUGEN idea of making his own version of an SNK vs Capcom (which I really liked), so he introduced me to MUGEN and this website, so, naturally, I decided to join this site. Hopefully, I can learn how to make a MUGEN character, but man, it looks way too hard for a complete beginner at programming. AKA me xD

Right now, I have a 3-step goal for joining this site.
1) Learn how to create my own MUGEN characters.
2) Learn how to make sprites.
3) Actually be successful with 1 and 2.

Sadly, this seems like nothing more than a dream T_T After 3 years passes, if I actually learn how to make my own MUGEN characters, then I'm gonna focus on creating modified KoF and Capcom characters using the pre-KoF XII sprites and will give them KoF XIII gameplay, at the very least.

Although this is only big talk and idk if I can do it thanks to the hell you pay for known as college T_T learning things little by little shouldn't hurt tho, and I'll see what I can go from here. Hopefully, I can succeed at my goal here...
Characters I use in fighting games
KoF XIII: Elisabeth, Iori or EX Iori, Hwa Jai, Ash Crimson
KoF XI: Elisabeth, Iori, Ash, Whip, Kasumi
KoF '98 UM: Iori, Chizuru, Heidern, Kasumi, Orochi Shermie, Chris
SFIII - 3S: Remy
SSFIV, Tekken, and SFxT: Guile, Cody, Hwoarang
UMvC3: Zero, Akuma, Taskmaster, Firebrand, Wolverine
Blazblue: Hazama/Terumi
Persona 4 Arena: Mitsuru (Atlus, Arc System Works, plz nerf her! T_T), Elisabeth