Xpadder for mugen tutorial (Read 11778 times)

Started by Superbeast, February 25, 2008, 03:10:49 am
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Xpadder for mugen tutorial
#1  February 25, 2008, 03:10:49 am
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Hi guys I'm new to Mugen Fighters guild and I'd though pull my weight
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This is a tutorial on how to use Xpadder on mugen

F.A.Q Kinda
What is Xpadder?
Xpadder is a keyboard emulator

A what?

A keyboard emulator is a program that will make your computer think a controller is a keyboard.

How does it work?

I unno I didn't make the program i know how to work it though

First off

First off your gonna need a controller. You can use any controller as long as you have the drivers needed to run it on your OS. I'm going to use a ps3 controller for this example

Getting Xpadder

you can get Xpadder here
I suggest the latest version so far I haven't found any bugs with it.

Start it up

Start up Xpadder and click the controller where it says click "new" yada yada yada. and goto  New. it will open a window that looks like such
first off the image tab is optional you wont need it but I suggest it to first time users. What it does is it puts a image of the controller your using so you can keep track of what buttons are what you can find a lot of controllers here

Sticks Tab

The sticks tabs are for your thumb sticks/analog sticks to use them check the enable for the sticks you want to use. it will ask you to put the stick in the left then up position do so if you mess up just click the detect and it will ask you to do left and up again. when your done that you can move the circles by clicking them and draging them to the spot where they go on your controller if you are using an image.Move the analog stick and see if it registers. If it does grey boxes willl appear. like so


They d-pad setup is the same as the analog except it asks for all four directions
After your done move it to its location on your controller image and it should look like so


This is really easy just hit the buttons your going to use. Now when you hit the buttons its gonna just place them in a row so just hit the button and it will turn dark gray and drag it to where it goes on your controller. It should not look like so


Triggers is only if you have analog triggers if you follow the instruction and place where you want them placed.
I don't have analog triggers so i have no example to show you


Click close, it will close the wizard but no worry your original Xpadder window will have all the buttons there

Keyboard to Controller

Click a the gray square for the button you want for the key. you can do one of two things just press the key on the keyboard or double click the gray square and it will bring up a virtual keyboard and you can choose the key. do the same for the analog and/or d-pads. If two or one of the analog stick squares are red its just the alignment you can edit it by pressing the wrench by the analog sticks buttons. it also has quick config options for arrow sticks or wads.
heres what mine looks like finished

Have fun out there guys

Superbeast, ;P