Abalaburn - a little "documentation" about an old fighting game for the psx (Read 970 times)

Started by "Bad News" Hoffmann, October 06, 2010, 10:36:06 am
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Abalaburn - a little "documentation" about an old fighting game for the psx
#1  October 06, 2010, 10:36:06 am
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[glow=red,2,300] AbalaBurn (Fighting) (Japan) (Takara,1998)[/glow]

Abalaburn is a 3D fighting game from Tamsoft, makers of the Toshinden franchise. A group of warriors have gathered to seek the legend of Lemuria, who is said to grant any wish.

The game features an Arcade Mode for 1-2 Players and a singleplayer Story Mode which plays like a 3D action adventure, similar to the adventures in Tobal 1+2 but with more focus on jumping. There are 8 playable characters+ which are all very different from each other..the Characterdesigns arent the usual ones you see in Fighting games. The Music is very good and the graphic okay still good enough to have a bit fun with this game.

I can recommend it for those people which dont have a problem with a japanese only story mode and not many characters and moves. Its at least fun for some short rounds   


Release and technical Informations
Developer: Tamsoft


Different Names: "アバラバーン" -- Japanese Spelling 

Released in: Japan

Released on: 1 CD ROM

Release Date(s):  08/20/98

EXE date(s):  1998-07-15

Serials: SLPS-01280

Different Versions: -

Also released for: PSX Exclusive

Redump DB Entry(s):  Japanese Version

Gameplay related Informations

(Cero) (Japan) Ratings:   

Genre: 3D Fighting Game + Single Player "Brawler Mode"

Number of Players: 1-2

Gamemodes: Story, Arcade, Options

Similar Games or Series: Toshinden Series

Prequels/Sequels: -

Supported Languages: Japanese and English (only for the intro movie and a few names of characters and locations+ the mainmenu) Options and the story mode are completly in japanese

Description of the Game by the Manufacturers:

Description/Review of the Game from myself:
Well, writing a  description or review for a game  you understand only halfway isnt easy. Thats the thing with japanese games. but whatever!

Abalaburn was made by the people which also made the Battle Arena Toshinden Series, but it seems only partially. The characterdesign is similar but more unrealistic with non-human characters..similar to those characterdesigns in toshinden subaru..that has its positive aspects tough since there are many other fighting games with the typical karateguy, a wrestler..the fast legs chick etc. .

The well-produced music (like a jazzy piano) is very unobtrusive during the fight and actually fits in nicely like we know it from other Tamsoft Games so far, a pity i dont have the infos who their composer was. The gameplay itself is alright but very simple with only 3 attack buttons and not many movements. There seems to be more focus on the single player  storymode in which you walk around trough levels and labyrinths similar to the mini-rpg`s in squaresofts Tobal games. In this mode you fight against bats, birds..rats and later robots and bigger monsters and you jump around.

Oh yes..jumping in a fighting game via the X button.... reminded me at  beatèm ups like final fight..but in this game it`s just akward.the movements are just real clunky for a 3d game. There are 12 stages in the story mode all in all but the last 4 are just bossfights.

If you really loved the Toshinden Games then i recommend this game for you..but its not a good game....this isnt a good review too.. i ll update it sooner or later hopefully to describe the game a bit more. Havent found any reviews or descriptions for this game on any other sites

The Hardware and Controls

Supported Controllers: All general Controllers
Analogsticks Support/Required: Yes, but not required

Dualshock motor support: Yes
Other Required Controllers:No 

Memorycardspace: 1 Block

Emulation related

Emulator Compatibility : Works fine with Epsxe 1.7.0
Known Hacks/Translations: None Yet

Music,Graphic and other related Media

Music/Sound Output: Mono&Stereo
Gamemusic Composer(s): Unknown
General GameMusic Genre : Pop, Dancefloor

Soundtrack(s):    -
A Soundtrack was not released for this game


General Graphicstyle:  3D Characters, 2D Backgrounds in the Fighting Mode. 3D Levels in the Story Mode. The style is a mix of fantasy and anime/manga elements


Where can i get it and what is it worth?

Average Ebay Prices:
Average Amazon Prices:
PSN: Avaiable soon
Other Shops:

Additional Informations for the Game

The Characters in this Game are:


Some Background Facts and Trivia

The Game was made by Tamsoft the developers of the Toshinden Series, but its quality is more similar to the Toshinden Subaru and Toshinden 3 Games then the first 2 Toshinden ..something must have changed in the developers rows there back then in 1997.

Secrets,Codes,Unlockables and how to

Developer Staff/Team

any things to add? would be cool to get some feedback, positive or negative
Re: Abalaburn - a little "documentation" about an old fighting game for the psx
#2  October 06, 2010, 12:48:32 pm
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Look at description to see its feedback. Or if you're too lazy for that:

I could type a long and somewhat witty (or boring) description as to what the game is about, but MobyGames nicely sums up what I would want to say so please read below:

"Abalaburn is a 3D fighting game from Tamsoft, makers of the Toshinden franchise. A group of warriors have gathered to seek the legend of Lemuria, who is said to grant any wish.

The game features a standard arcade mode for one or two players, as well as a story mode where the bulk of the action takes place as a 3D action platformer with the same moves as the fighting part. Boss battles take place as regular VS fights. There are eight playable characters, each with their own story to play through."

Quite frankly speaking, Abalaburn could have been an excellent game, if it were planned a little better. The music is good and the story mode is actually pretty cool. For a fighter, the story is done with 3D cutscenes and characters speak and change expressions. The story mode is also very interesting because you can get items and gain levels like you would in an RPG by fighting and defeat monsters in a 3D world. The fights themselves are typical of early "3D"'s 3D graphics on a mostly 2D fighting plane, with the ability to walk into the background, but not run around freely, thus resctricting the 3D movement element. Don't get me wrong, there isn't anything wrong with fighters like that.

My gripe with this game is that the controls are really stiff and laggy...that, and the combat is way too rudimentary. As far as I can tell, fighters are pretty limited in their abilities, with little combo structure and broken gameplay where you can hit people on the floor numerous times, dealing massive damage. For example, Blood, the "main" character of sorts, can shoot a fireball (with no cost of special power), do some spinning kick of flame and a basic combo special move. Like Toshinden, you can do a desperation attack when your life is low, but most of them are pretty lame and uninspired.

If the game had a cooler combat engine, it would have been pretty neat.
Re: Abalaburn - a little "documentation" about an old fighting game for the psx
#3  October 06, 2010, 01:09:26 pm
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mm thanks for the reply but thats just another review...what i was aiming for were details and release informations which you dont find on the usual sites