List of Fighting Games for the Playstation released in the USA/Canada (Read 951 times)

Started by "Bad News" Hoffmann, December 20, 2010, 01:23:07 pm
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List of Fighting Games for the Playstation released in the USA/Canada
#1  December 20, 2010, 01:23:07 pm
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Hello, some of you read my signature already and also visited my Website project i am working on since 2 Months now.

In general its a site where i try to document videogames very detailed and most of all without incorrect Informations as i have seen them on all the big sites like mobygames, ign..gamespot..gamefaqs and what not.

Beside the detailed gameprofiles i also work on a database tough and that includes a list of all the fighting games. For now just those on the original Playstation/PSX and released in Nortah America /Canada.. but next Month i also work on Europe/Australia (PAL) and Asia/Japan lists.

But even for the current list i can use help totally since its a in depht list where i try to mention the most important features of the games already.

Be they a Fantasy setting, the number of standard and hidden characters, sub genre`s  etc.

The link is here:

what can i say, i know the design isnt that good, but i care way more for the content so far and to build up a good and informative database.

if someone from here can help me with any informations i can use for the database i would appreciate it a lot, and i guess that db can be helpful for some people here in a far future as well :)

could also use help getting a list of different fighting game genre`s together

greets, gbk