The stuff of legends (Read 23826 times)

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The stuff of legends
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IN ALL TIMES there are legends. But before the legend, there
must be some piece of sharp, shiny truth to catch the light of day
and hold it glowing in the midst of night’s descent.

Legends are rarely gentle. Gentleness is not remembered so
long nor so well as valor or love or greed or death. Great deeds
alone do not insure legend, and their lack will not prevent it—
the winds of myth can rise from the lowest deserts.
—Daniel Keys Moran, Emerald Eyes (1987)
"Several times now, Achamian thought he had glimpsed golden haloes about Kellhus's hands. He found himself envying those, such as Proyas, who claimed to see them all the time."
--R. Scott Bakker
The Thousandfold Thought (2006)