Matachi the Smoker (Read 9389 times)

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Matachi the Smoker
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Matachi the Smoker

As his next checkup comes, Matachi is surprised to know that his smoking has landed him weak and feeble from overstressing his lungs, his doctor directs him to the street and tells him to return only after having enough exercise to compensate.
Matachi thus decides to solve his health problems, by fighting people on the internet.

addicted to Pepsi
can play a fighting game, without playing a fighting game
has the ablilty to stare into space for hours on end

While weak, his attacks are fast, allowing him a range of unique movements.

Blood type:
Pure Pepsi


Why don't you make like a tree, and fuck off?.

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Awesome  :D
only, could you change the quote to the one in my signature?

edit: thx man
Why don't you make like a tree, and fuck off?
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