Uptading old Winmugen stages/chars to 1.1 (Read 194 times)

Started by jeffrei, November 26, 2018, 03:05:33 am
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Uptading old Winmugen stages/chars to 1.1
#1  November 26, 2018, 03:05:33 am
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Hello there!

Please, can anyone tell me a tutorial for converting stages and chars from the WIN version to 1.1?

i mean, what are the new parameters to make the old stuff work with 1.1 version?

i have a lot of winmugen stuff, but i´ve been away from the mugen updates...i wish i could convert them...

I hope you can help me....

Re: Uptading old Winmugen stages/chars to 1.1
#2  November 26, 2018, 04:08:57 am
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The first step is to just test the character/stage to see if it even needs anything done.  If it does, it will helpfully generate an error message and you'll know where to start.  More often than not, you won't have to do anything, but there's always some bullshit that manages to crop up.  You won't have to do anything different than you would for Mugen 1.0.

Usual suspects:
Badly written displaytoclipboard states = just null them out
Usage of Z values in velocity = go to the effort of tediously removing them
Corrupted graphics for the select icon or other sprites = use CharSffDtoW.exe

Helpful thing for testing:
Open a file in notepad and paste this in there:

set p1=kfm
set p2=cvsryu/cvsryu_normal.def
set st=kfm
"mugen.exe"  "%p1%" "%p2%" -s %st% 0 -p2.color 1

Save it into your mugen folder as something like "testcharacter.bat".  It has to be a .BAT file.  Not .bat.txt.  Hopefully it's obviously how this works.  This is just an example, so you need to set the parameters to characters and a stage that you actually have (or want to test).  I like to use cvsryu as my standard for testing, so I always use him as p2 in my typical testing environment.  If you don't have cvsryu, get him, or change that value.  If you have a new character to test, change p1 to that character (from kfm).  And if/when you want to test a stage, change the st value from kfm to the new stage.  If the stage's DEF is blablabroken.def, you only need the blablabroken part.

To edit the file after you saved it, right click on it and choose edit.
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