Akuma's original stage (need ideas) (Read 1062 times)

Started by RedDragonCats17, August 30, 2018, 12:14:24 am
Akuma's original stage (need ideas)
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Hey guys, I'm planning on making a stage for Akuma, however I need some ideas on making the stage fit Akuma and Shin Akuma in general.


Does it need flames? Does it need Akuma's Kanji in the background? Does it need lava? Gimme suggestions and I'll put 'em in Google docs.

Suggestions from the MFG discord server:


Color 1: Night


Background prop 1: Flames

Background prop 2: Torches

Background prop 3: Candles
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Re: Akuma's original stage (need ideas)
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:???: That's Oro's stage from Second Impact and that's a very small picture.
Re: Akuma's original stage (need ideas)
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Yeah, it's actual size is 767 x 480. I have no clue why it loaded like this. Lemme try something.

Update: Fast, I know, but it's still small.

Y'know what? Don't worry about the image. It'll show it's true size when you open it in a new tab.
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