The King Of Fighters: Destiny (Android) Graphics Rip (Read 7571 times)

Started by The 100 Mega Shock!, February 11, 2018, 03:45:36 pm
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The King Of Fighters: Destiny (Android) Graphics Rip
#1  February 11, 2018, 03:45:36 pm
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So after seeing a video of the Chinese KOF Destiny Android game a couple of weeks ago and thought 'that looks really weird - I want to look for sprite rips from this'

The good news is that all the graphics are saved inside a zip file called '', stored in another folder called assets, saved as .DT0 files (or sometimes .PIC) which actually hold one of three different types of file -

ETC1 compressed textures used for the character sprites.
Normal PNG files for most other graphics.
Normal JPG files (for some reason, parts of stages and some interface graphics)

I wrote a python script to cut out the unwanted bytes at the start of each file that was preventing Windows from reading them (presumably header data the game uses) and save valid PNG/JPG/ETC1 files for all the graphics in the game (ETC1 files can be converted to PNG using a tool from the Android SDK).

What's interesting about this is that SNK / Tencent have decided to use Capcom VS SNK as the basis for their characters, and redrawn and reshaded them in higher resolution to reflect the current designs (like Terry's outfit from the series / Fatal Fury 3). Characters like Ryo and Joe who had completely different stance animations in CVS have had new sprites drawn based on their KOF animations in the same style, and other characters who weren't in CVS have had their 98 or XIII sprites redrawn. (There might also be new sprites for moves that weren't in CVS)

The color issues are because of quickly making these GIFs and not in the original sheets.

The game is also full of generic enemies - many animations are very clearly copied from other fighting game characters.

Some issues -

ETC1 is a lossy compression format, so all the character sprites have noticeable compression artificats. This is how they decided to store them in the game.
Characters idle/running frames are mostly drawn larger than the rest of their sprites and scaled-down in-game. The animation data is stored in another part of the app as XML data, and has a separate scale factor applied for each frame.
Some frames have texture 'bleed' around them. The bottom half of each sprite sheet is the alpha transparency, so try using that to cut out the sprites you need.


Contains (hopefully) all of
  • Character sprites
  • Other character art/portraits
  • FX graphics
  • Enemies
  • Interface graphics
  • Stage art
  • Cutscene art

Taken from version 1.22 of the game, which I think is the most recent - please let me know if you find a newer version in the future.
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Re: The King Of Fighters: Destiny (Android) Graphics Rip
#2  February 11, 2018, 03:55:39 pm
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Your link is dead already.
Re: The King Of Fighters: Destiny (Android) Graphics Rip
#3  February 11, 2018, 04:12:19 pm
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Reuploading to Google Drive right now
Should be fixed.
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Re: The King Of Fighters: Destiny (Android) Graphics Rip
#4  February 11, 2018, 09:51:48 pm
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Gotta love China's endless lust for copyright infringement. SNK's entire IP catalogue isn't enough, they had to plagiarize Capcom and Arc System Works.


Re: The King Of Fighters: Destiny (Android) Graphics Rip
#5  February 12, 2018, 11:09:03 am
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cool  :mthumbs:
I am Chinese
Re: The King Of Fighters: Destiny (Android) Graphics Rip
#6  February 14, 2018, 12:25:08 am
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For a bootleg the sprites look pretty incredible, these could go to great use. We even got some nice Orochi and Omega Rugal sprites. I'm certainly seeing a lot of cvs inspiration in these sprites like you said and also a bit of KOF13, odd. The effects also look gorgeous. This is certainly a rare find. Great job!